100 Ideas for List Prompts

A list written by: Lee Sonogan

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Lists are everywhere! Here are some more! Use these for creative projects to helping yourself in life. I like making lists for many reasons. To categorize and make sense of information. Process information more efficiently. And it makes me organised most of the time. The following list is in no particular order and provides one hundred ideas to make 100 lists. How many lists have you used or written?

  1. Images/pictures list
  2. Top 10
  3. 100/50 list
  4. Best of
  5. Bucket list
  6. To do list
  7. Tips and tricks to improve list
  8. Have done list
  9. Worst list
  10. Enemies list
  11. A to z list
  12. List of Jokes
  13. List of places
  14. Things you own
  15. Thing you want to buy
  16. Goals list
  17. Best things you have tasted
  18. Shopping list
  19. Things to try list
  20. Quotes list
  21. List of firsts
  22. If I ruled the world list
  23. Talents/strengths list
  24. Important dates list
  25. Ways to relax
  26. List of different/relevent websites
  27. A list of relevent advice
  28. List of what you collect
  29. The never list
  30. List of questions/answered questions
  31. A list of fears
  32. List of pet-peeves
  33. Sick day list
  34. List of bad habits
  35. Friends list
  36. People you have met
  37. Dailey routine list
  38. Turning ponts in your life list
  39. All the jobs/work you have done so far
  40. Yearly based list
  41. List of favourite tweets
  42. Favourite fonts
  43. Music I have been to live
  44. Comedians you want to see live
  45. People that inspire you
  46. Brain dump list
  47. Spending log
  48. On an average I…
  49. Thing I do every morning
  50. Past journal entries
  51. Gifts to buy
  52. Not spending currency activities
  53. Home Projects
  54. Things you have borrowed
  55. Crazy/random list
  56. What motivates you
  57. Content posts views list
  58. Packing checklist
  59. Playlists to make
  60. Footage to record
  61. Photos to take
  62. Appointments to organise
  63. Bill you have to pay
  64. Things to sell
  65. What are you grateful for
  66. What do you regret
  67. Favourite colours
  68. Favourite characters – Fiction/Non-Fiction
  69. Thing to do when your board list
  70. List of underrated art
  71. List of the best things you have tasted
  72. List of risks you are willing to take
  73. List of what you would watch again
  74. List of what you would play again
  75. List of what you would listen to again
  76. List of what you would feel again
  77. Researched information list
  78. Facts list
  79. Theories list
  80. Celebrity friend wish list
  81. Things to do where you live
  82. Fitness management list
  83. Dream journal list
  84. List of drawings/doodles
  85. List of GIFs or MEMEs
  86. Childhood memories list
  87. Work history
  88. Career goals
  89. Education history
  90. Free classes to take
  91. Accomplishments
  92. Timeline of your life
  93. Reasons why you are awesome!
  94. Short story/novel prompts
  95. Poetry/lyrics prompts
  96. A list sharing other people’s relevent content
  97. List of past content
  98. A list of lists
  99. Ways you would like to die
  100. Helpful written resources

I make lists all the time and it makes things easier for me. They do not have to be in order or even detailed if not relevent to what you are doing. Remember, process and then get things done. To maximise a list’s effect, you must have great intention in creating it. One day I might have a book of lists…

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