Glaring Through Oblivion, a book review

A book review written by: Lee Sonogan

(2011) Poetry

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“I, myself, have vowed to never ever again hold my tongue” – Serj Tankian

This book is a poem book created by Serj Tankian, Armenian-American lead singer of the band System of a Down. A second book of poetry after Cool Gardens made in 2002. Some of the poems contain lyrics that ended up in some of his songs, although sometimes a bit modified. Some poems consist of only one line and do not have a title. They are not included in the poem listening below. Glaring Through Oblivion was published by HarperCollins Publishers and printed in China. This book makes me want to make a book of my own poetry with a illustrator.

On the front cover of the book there is impressive artwork even with the hard copy. Then inside there is so much more impressive artwork to see illustrated by Roger Kupelian. You may of seen Roger Kupelians are in many other projects such as The Lord of the Rings and many other well known movies. This book is perfect for a coffee table book. The book begins with an essay written several days after the September 11 attacks, about how Tankian feared to speak his opinions because of threats against him and his band. Then the fantastic poems begin.

Poem listing:
  • Deaf Nation (Recommended)
  • Down with the System
  • The Hand
  • Civilization
  • Countless Manipulations (Recommended)
  • The Fool (Recommended)
  • Antwerp Melting
  • Remote Viewing
  • World of Words (Recommended)
  • #82
  • Vermillion (Recommended)
  • The messenger speaks through chaos (Recommended)
  • Los Angeles
  • Dates, Rates, Plates, Fates, Mates, and Kates
  • The Void (was already published in Cool Gardens)
  • Life Savers (already on Cool Gardens)
  • Salivation (Recommended)
  • Claustrophobia
  • Uncertainty (Recommended)
  • Condemned
  • The Teacher (Recommended)
  • The Nerves of Them (Recommended)
  • Spare Me the Night
  • Poisoning Poseidon
  • Nothing
  • Diatribe Trivialities
  • Picture Frame
  • Undying Form
  • Bottled Water
  • Soon (Recommended)
  • The Silk Weaver
  • Time (Recommended)
  • Heretics
  • The Incandescent Pause (Recommended)
  • Awareness (Recommended)
  • Forgot to Remember
  • Praying for Peace
  • Borders (Recommended)

My first poetry book that I own. Looking back it recently, it is still as good as I first read it. I really connected with much of what was being said. It is very political and strong with ideas that I do not recommend to everyone. Definitely a solid collection and makes me want to buy Serj’s first poetry book, Cool Gardens. I recommend this book to all fans of System of a Down, Serj Tankian and people looking for interesting poetry.

PS – The illustrations and the poems compliment each other quite well


“We intend to go rest through motion,speak through silence, and fight through peace.” – Serj Tankian 

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