What you can learn if you take a break from blogging

An article written by: Lee Sonogan

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“There is virtue in work and there is virtue in rest. Use both and overlook neither.” – Alan Cohan

Blogging consistently is more difficult than you might expect. It takes a special kind of writer to write every day. Even so, the best writer needs time off every now and again. Especially if you have committed to doing other work daily. Maybe you think that your blog has become some sort of monster and you have to keep feeding it? There is at least 7 reasons why taking a break from blogging is a positive thing.

First you should be public with it when you take time off. You might even get some people in to do a guest post or two while you are away. Your clear directions will get people to return in the set time frame you set up. Honesty shown in your writing will create empathy with your daily viewers. It also gives the readers a break too.

Reevalutate your purpose is something you can consider while on your break. Taking time to prepare even on your break can be necessary and easy. You may need to brainstorm new ideas. Or plan further ahead with some sort of content plan. Then your blog may need some maintenance. Or work on past content to help get the content more searched in a search engine online.

Too improve the benefits of taking a break from blogging is to work harder before you start your break and then schedule automatically your content and social media. That is the hard way but it pays off. Run a best of series that highlights content in you archives. If travelling create short posts of reports from the road. Use polls, discussions, link posts or more.

Getting back into blogging is something completely different. Keep preparing while publishing content is something more. I am glad to be back because I have prepared my blog and done much more. Playing around with ideas is what you must do if you’re a blogger, even on your days off. There is always something to write about so that is what keeps me interested in writing.

“Taking a break can lead to breakthroughs.”
― Russell Eric Dobda

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