First Teaser Trailer for an Untitled Project

A poem written by: Lee Sonogan

(Untitled Project reveal teaser and details under the poem)

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Here it is as promised,

The project ready to be revealed,

I hope it can astonish,

It is some creations that I wield.


I have a project that is near in completion,

It is time to show everyone what it is about,

Soon to hit each nation,

Published online, its existence will never run out.

A budget of fifteen dollars,

Not including traveling transactions

Fear of online hacking robbers,

The project has the potential to create various reactions.


Six months to film,

Even longer to edit, 

A fictional realm,

With me getting most of the credit.

Independent and improvised,

The story is a music thriller,

With a character’s goal unrealized,

The more you watch, the more it gets clearer.


Still do not know how I will share it,

Free or access to it for a certain fee,

It will be subjective more than I would like to admit,

With mixed feedback already, I am excited to what else it could be.

Project still not 100% percent complete. More than enough footage edited to show off a short reveal video. The project was recorded from my Samsung Galaxy phone. You may not know what to think of the project I have been creating and that is ok. The current release date of project is still currently unknown. Parts could change before the official release of the project. Please enjoy the reveal teaser trailer to my very first short film! 🙂

Genres: Music, Thriller, Mystery

Overall description:  A freelance writer is hired for his first book contract. Taking time off freelancing he struggles to come up with ideas. Things start to change when a mysterious masked man starts to stalk him.

Estimated length of full Short Film: 52 minutes

Here is some links to my book for sale:



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