PAYDAY 2, a video game review

A video game review written by: Lee Sonogan

(2013) Action,crime

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PAYDAY 2 is a cooperative first-shoot video game. Also, If you want a good simulation of a heist/robbery, you should check out PAYDAY 2. Currently out on Windows, Linux, PS3, Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Switch, an improved version of the game is coming out to the PS4 and Xbox One this June. The story is set two years after the first video game with a new people in the gang on a heisting spree in Washington D. C.

Gameplay sets it self out differently from other video games that have done similar heist/robbery missions. There is two ways to win in the many missions in the video game. Stealth mode and finish the mission without alerting anyone or go in loud. Stealth includes silenced weapons, taking out guards, cameras, hacking and much more. When you go loud the cops will come. Then the army. After that it just keeps getting harder in waves.

One of the parts about PAYDAY is the customization. From weapons to what you wear to a complex skills system, it’s customization is strong. Unlocking more items as you level up, you can upgrade your collection. You are give a random item after you win each game. It could be an attachment or money. The money you steal in a heist goes directly into your in game money account and you can used it to buy weapons or put into the mission.

Yes you have to plan your missions before playing. There is a lot of information you have to consider to be effective doing a mission. Typically on a mission on a very hard difficulty. Harder the difficulty the more experience points and money you earn. On e part of doing missions is to wear masks. You can earn items to customize your own mask or earn them. On an unrelated not, fun fact, on October 22, 2014, John Wick, the character of the movie, John Wick, was added to the game as a playable character for promotion of the film.

Weapons in PAYDAY 2:
  • AK5 Riffle
  • AMR-16 Riffle
  • Brenner-21 Light Machine Gun
  • KSP Light Machine Gun
  • Falcon Rifle
  • Flamethrower
  • Vulcan Minigun
  • Much more!

Strategy and teamwork in this video game done right can be very satisfying. When I got it years ago the micro transactions were the worst part of the game and that’s it. Lucky the new version of this video game on PS4 and Xbox One will include all downloadable content from the very start. Music in this video game is a another original soundtrack that I like. A challenging video game that throws a lot difficulty  at you that I enjoy. I recommend PAYDAY 2 to people looking for a new and interesting shooting video game to play.


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