Making a living

A poem written by: Lee Sonogan

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You should be making a life,

Instead of making a living,

Living can be like watching paint dry,

Creating a life is much more giving.

Everyone is different,

Each soul has a different mind,

All living to survive is one variant,

While the definition of life is consistently redefined.


To have no life is to do/be nothing,

Meaning and purpose into something is life, 

Justifying a life should be simply and not crushing,

A bit of empathy and understanding of it all will not let you get crushed by the hanging knife.


Your life is influenced by your environment,

And your own personal mind,

Some people’s choices are mostly ambivalent,

While others are content and blind.

Conflicting motivating ideologies of human thought,

Collective group philosophy pressures, 

Everyone sees what they see and what they wanna see with no afterthought,

You should be open to people’s experiences but, not follow other people’s direct measures.


The value of life is not what you have,

Or people’s complete ideas and absolutes,

Learning who you are and what you want is key,

For knowing what you should contribute.


You do not have to have a normal life,

A life that is not normal is interesting,

Working hard on meaning and purpose can reach the afterlife,

You gotta do what you must do without people always listening.

Life can be only achieved by you,

The truths and information only you can gather,

Growth and change always under review,

Adapting to all and growing in the present will make it better.


Be proud in what you have done,

And create your own new experiences,

Face life issues one on one,

Protect your capabilities of life and show nothing but complete seriousness.


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