100 Ways to Improve your Creativity

A list created by: Lee Sonogan

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Creativity is like a muscle. So you have to train it. Creativity involves topics/themes including engineering, psychology, cognitive science, education, philosophy, technology, theology, sociology, linguistics, business studies, songwriting, economics, covering the relations between creativity and general intelligence, personality types, mental and neurological processes, mental health, artificial intelligence and much more! Only certain people are creative while studies suggest it has a connection between intelligence and psychoticism.

Creativity ideas:

1. Start a daily project.

2. Start a long-term project

3. Be motivated to create

4. Research topics/themes

5. Answer questions and find solutions

6. Ask questions.

7. Brainstorm with a friend/s.

8. Feedback and comments

9. Take appropriate/planned risks.

10. Be more persuasive

11. Be more descriptive

12. Write ideas down

13. Connect ideas and concepts together

14. Create helpful lists

15. See people’s reviews on relevent topics for personal recommendations

16. Use the internet to find information with good sources/references

17. Social media/Search engines

18. Start a blog

19. Use YouTube to learn something new

20. Join an online community

21. Learn through Collaboration with someone online

22. Listen to podcasts from other creatives

23. Watch movies/ tv shows

24. Listen to music

25. Play video games

26. Design your own video game

27. Paint/Create images

28. Write poetry

29. Consider writing a play

30. Create something interesting on Photoshop

31. Make a compilation video of a topic you like

32. Record and edit your own videos

33. Listen to an audio book

34. Watch a live streamed video from a different country

35. Stand up comedy performances

36. Watch documentaries

37. Watch performance art

38. Do free courses online on all sorts of topics

39. Go to a relevent creative community you like

40. Get outside into nature. – (Balcony, garden, park, beach, garden centre, ect)

41. Go for a photo walk around your neighbourhood.

42. Go to a free lecture.

43. Go to a course for a topic you like.

44. Go to a meet and greet.

45. Go to a festival or show.

46. Do something that raises your heart rate.

47. Laugh a little

48. Experience something new in person

49. Have some booze

50. Exercise

51. Do some Yoga

52. Sit in a coffee shop

53. Hang out with sarcastic people

54. Daydream

55. Meditate

56. Decorate stones and leave them around for people to find.

57. Try a new food, something you’d never normally order.

58. Spend time alone.

59. Work when you are tired

60. Do not stress about perfection

61. Sleeping/Dreaming

62. Excercise your eyes

63. Lie down

64. Look at something blue or green

65. Think about something far away

66. Deal with rejection

67. Art prompts

68. Get taboo with your ideas

69. Rant about something

70. Look around your home for unusual things you could use in your art.

71. Pull out a book, open it at random and see what wisdom it has for you.

72. Take your favourite quote and your favourite photo and find a creative way to put them together.

73. Draw a simple pattern and colour it in.

74. Try drawing something with your non dominant hand.

75. Listen to a TED talk for inspiration or a new perspective.

76. Create a Pinterest board for a very specific thing that interests you.

77. Create a Facebook page.

78. Make your creativity a timed challenge.

79. Give yourself deadlines.

80. Practice mindfulness

81. Start a diary/journal

82. Use wordplay to exercise your brain

83. See beauty or humour in the mundane

84. Reflect with one word

85. Repurpose something

86. Take the RAT test

87. 3D Visualization

88. Create an animated gif library

89. Use some improvisation

90. Think positive

91. Do crossword puzzles

92. Be-self aware

93. Have sex

94. Remember past experiences

95. Brainwave entrainment

96. Use a sensory deprivation tank

97. Logically develop your ideas

98. Be in the right mood to create

99. Think about others

100. Re-read this 100 list

There is probably much more ways to increase your creativity. When the ideas start to flow then you must commit to your ideas and concepts. You can apply any of these methods to anything that needs creative ideas. Everyone is inspired in different ways. Try these listed to help with the process.

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