How should I sell my movie script?

An article written by: Lee Sonogan

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“Once you crack the script, everything else follows.” – Ridley Scott

If you were aware or not, I have a movie script that I have written entirely by my self. It is currently called “1 vs 1”. You may have seen a description of it on my blog before. I can now publically say it is finished for now. What should I do now?  I have done some research. Submitting your screenplay somewhere most likely will not sign a non-disclosure. So the first place you submit it should be the best chance in getting your movie made.

Written with the intent of production being a low-budget. If I would make the movie myself, I estimate $100,000 dollars would be enough to pay for everything. Genres of the movie are: Thriller, Action, Mystery. The overall description of the movie is: Two men are dropped in the middle of no where and then are forced to make a choice if they want to go home. Both characters struggle as they consider the choice they need to make and learning the true nature of their situation.

Options to sell my movie are submitting to a production company, contacting streaming websites for my original content, crowd fund for a long period of time, post online and get copyright on it and then continue to pitch concept, find investors or product placement, plus more. I have already considered submitting it to Amazon Studios. I have self published a book on Amazon and worked at the first warehouse in Victoria, Australia. third time just might be the charm.

Defining the movies audience

It will appeal to independent movie lovers with the low-budget and its style. It has many dark themes and twist and turns to bring in the psychological thriller fans. It will have three big fight scenes with the perfect music behind it to make a resemble action scenes for the fans of that. The writing is written in a certain way where the viewers will not know who the good guy or bad guy is. That mystery will create interest to keep them watching. Its got a dream sequence with an interesting concept in it around the mid-point of the movie. It’s not too hard to follow and if watched a second time, you are going to find some connections to other parts of the story that at first you did not notice or at least understand.

Overall I might just keep the movie script for a while. With 80 pages currently, it still can be longer once all text is properly formated into a required size. It has over 17,000 words. Also I have prepared some pre-production documents. I have had one person to read the whole movie script and got some feedback. He rated the movie script 7.5/10. If anyone is interested in the movie script (“1vs1”) please do not hesitate in contacting me. I will send the movie script to anyone serious about making a movie and is looking for an independent movie script. I will require a confidentiality agreement first before the movie script is sent.

PS – Gotta protect my intellectual property. Use this template of a Non-disclosure agreement and send it to me signed to or my address. Send me an email if you want to send the document to my house. Then I will give you my address.

“The script is what you’ve dreamed up–this is what it should be. The film is what you end up with.” – George Lucas

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