Why do I keep Making New Drafts?

A poem written by: Lee Sonogan

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Got 99 blog drafts,

Always one more is not a problem,

This is more than arts and crafts,

I have it all under my thumb.

Nearly triple digits of information,

It is not quite ready yet,

They are not currently in floatation,

Not strong enough for my daily mindset.

In purgatory they wait,

Little by little, they grow,

They become heavier in weight

Sentences and paragraphs start to correctly flow.

What is the inspiration and the motivation?

The blog is a passion of mine,

Part of my meaning and purpose in creation,

My ideas and writing must intertwine.

Subjects, themes and topics are endless,

Options are many,

Ideas in my mind keep me restless,

I would be a millionaire if each idea was worth a penny.

Bigger projects are worked on in the shadows,

Time gives light to new perspectives,

Much more to disclose.

Information that is non-biased and objective.


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