Scars on Broadway, an album review

An album review written by: Lee Sonogan

45:04 (2008) Alternative metal, experimental rock

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If you were me, could you defend
The given rights to all of man?
Let’s fuck the world with all its trend
They say it’s all about to end – They Say – Scars on Broadway, Scars on Broadway 

Must of listen to this album over and over in my past. An American rock band founded by System of a Down member Daron Malakian. Structured , most of the mixed songs include genres of traditional Armenian, thrash, alternative, experimental and metal/rock similar to System of a Down’s style of music. This album takes SOAD’s music into an entirely different direction. The approach in taking more influence on rock sound than metal make this album more appealing to more people.

Daron Malakian wrote every single track on this album. Also Malakian has said he “could release ten solo records tomorrow.” if he could. Being so skilled he knows how to play many instruments. For this band he plays the lead guitar, rhythm guitar, bass guitar in studio, keyboards in studio, drums in studio and is the lead vocals. To add more to his impressive skills as a musician, his voice is one of the most original voices I have heard. It goes along perfectly with the rhythms structured into the songs he creates.

Track listing for album:

  • Serious (Recommended)
  • Funny (Recommended)
  • Exploding/Reloading (Recommended)
  • Stoner Hate (Recommended)
  • Insane
  • World Long Gone
  • Kill Each Other/Live Forever
  • Babylon
  • Chemicals (Recommended)
  • Enemy
  • Universe (Recommended)
  • 3005
  • Cute Machines (Recommended)
  • Whoring Street
  • They Say  (Recommended)

Quality and consistent album. If I could make music it would be the styles similar to this album. Being on hiatus for a very long time, there is good new for fans of the band. On April 16th, 2018, Malakian announced through Instagram that their first single/video from the second album will be released on April 23rd. I will be listening to that while enjoying how they developed from the first debut album. Overall this album is strong in its own personality. I recommend this album to everyone who likes System of a Down and chiller metal worth checking out.


Dancing in the acid rain
That’s falling on the streets of shame
You never seen the sky like this
You never wanna die like this – Universe – Scars on Broadway, Scars on Broadway

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