The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time, a video game review

A video game review written by: Lee Sonogan

(1998) Action, adventure

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Navi: Hey! Listen!

The first 3D open world in the The Legend of Zelda video game series. An old school game on the classic Nintendo 64, it was one of the hardest solo videos I first beat as a kid. IMDB describes this video game as a young Hylian boy discovers that his destiny is to free the Seven Sages and save the land of Hyrule from the treacherous sorcerer Ganondorf. To this day it still holds out as a difficult game from boss battles to difficult puzzles.

Gameplay features of a video game is sometimes why you will play it. Ocarina of time had many reasons why you should play it. Compared to modern open world video games, its open world was very similar and wide. This made the game not a linear approach. Then playing through te game you end up realising that the game gives you two different links to play and two different timelines to explore.

Characters were wide and plenty. Hyrule was super multicultural. Exploring hyrule each town was different depending what characters lived there. Other fun things to do in this video game was going to shooting ranges, finding easter eggs, stocking up on loot and rupees, buying and finding new items, doing side missions and so much more.

Fun facts about the video game, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time:

  • Ocarina of Time was almost a first person video game
  • You can kill Skull Kid, the main boss of the sequel to Ocarina of time in Orcarina of time
  • The Triforce was planned to be an obtainable object
  • As young link you can find easter egg paintings of Mario and Bower inside hyrule castle before you talk to Princess Zelda in the game for the first time
  • That day and night cycle
  • One of the first video games to have lock-on targeting
  • You can unlock a horse to ride around hyrule called Epona
  • Many of the dungeons in the video game were very innovative for its time
  • You can play real life songs on the usable items, Ocarinas
  • So much more facts about The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time

The original video game runs on a modified Super Mario 64 engine. With more time passing The Legend of Zelds: Ocarina of time was made for the Nintendo Gamecube and 3DS. On newer consoles it looks way more better and has many improvements. Such as no glitches and extra playable content. The original game was the first video game to feature a size of 32 MB.

The last time I tried to complete this game I got stuck in the water dungeon as adult link. One of the best video games ever made for many reasons. It’s soundtrack is legendary. For its time it showed a lot of story elements. the game is long is very challenging at times. Overall it is very satisfying if you are playing it for fun or the nostalgia factor. The ending contains some of the most memorable boss battles in my mind. I recommend this video game to all fans of The Legend of Zelda.


Goron #1: You did great!

Goron #2: Hey, how about a big Goron hug, Brother?

[group of Gorons starts walking toward Link with arms outstretched]

Young Link: Ahhhhhh!

[runs away]

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