20 Ways to Stay Awake

A list created by: Lee Sonogan

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Staying awake is a necessary skill when you are feeling drowsy. There is a wide variety of tips and tricks you can learn to keep yourself awake. Being tired or sleepy can be annoying if you still have more things to do. Here are the 25 ways to stay awake as the tittle of this blog post suggests.

  1. Eat snacks (That are high in protein and low in sugar)
  2. Drink water (Dehydration can make you sleepy)
  3. Splash water on face (To get rid of eye fatigue)
  4. Exercise your eyes (To see more clearly
  5. Physical activity (Excercise your body to keep your mind active)
  6. Mental activity (Challenge your mind. I use writing to keep me focused on something)
  7. Continuously switch tasks ( When you finish something have something else to do immediately after.
  8. Listen to music (The rhythms of music will entertain you and keep you awake)
  9. Avoid eating heavy meals (After eating dinner or a main course of food you may feel sleepy)
  10. Expose yourself to light (Increase energy that makes you more active and alert)
  11. Use artificial light if you can not go out or the sun is not shining (Same types of effects as the light from outside)
  12. Drink coffee (Caffine in coffee will keep you awake. Drink too much and you may crash)
  13. Drink energy drinks (Caffeine and much more. Energy drinks are as strong as coffee and more in some cases)
  14. Stimulate your smell (Light a smelling candle or go outside and find something to smell)
  15. Chew on gum or a few ice blocks (Using your jaw to chew will keep your brain alert)
  16. Self performed acupressure (Use your hands to massage your neck and head)
  17. Cause yourself to feel a little bit of pain (Trick your brain into being more alert)
  18. Take a short nap (10-15 minutes max rest will give you a boost)
  19. Have a quick cold shower (The different temperature to your body heat will cause a reaction that will help you to keep awake)
  20. Even though these tips are to help you stay awake. It is way more healthier to sleep and have a good sleeping routine. (It can help you feel more awake for longer than these temporary solutions)

Recently working more, I tend to stay awake longer. I use most of these tips and tricks. Even though all listed here is good advice if needed, number 20 may be the most important.

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