Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe, a graphic novel review

A graphic novel review written by: Lee Sonogan

(2012) Action, comedy

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“I already killed you once… And I bet you’ll come back again and again… No matter how many times I slaughter you. Your tendency to come back from the brink of death has nothing to do with your healing factor. Your mutant power isn’t regeneration. It’s popularity.”
― Cullen Bunn, Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe #3

If you liked the Deadpool movie, you should check out this graphic novel. As the tittle suggests this graphic novel is about Deadpool killing everything in the Marvel universe. Why is he doing that? Deadpool has some different personality traits from the movie adaption. This graphic novel is has a lot of violence and features Deadpool’s complete loose of reality.

In this story the fourth wall is broken a lot. Deadpool tears down all wall that we would normally expect to see. It starts of the story strong with the death of the Fantastic four and a flashback of the X-men putting Deadpool into an asylum. Then Deadpool is triggered and starts seeing his Avenger team mates as bizarre versions of them self. Deadpool can not stop himself and in this story it is different because he calls for help, during and after killing his targets.

Marvel comic superheroes killed in this movie:

  • The Fantastic Four
  • Spider-man
  • Luke Cage
  • Thor
  • The Hulk
  • Wolverine
  • Dr Strange
  • The Punisher
  • Even more superheros from Marvel comics!

One of the best Deadpool storys I have ever read. If they were to make a movie from it, it would be amazing. Like the graphic novel its art style could be interesting. Even though this graphic novel has mixed reviews by critics, it is highly regarded by others as a must read for Deadpool fans. I recommend this graphic novel to everyone who likes Deadpool and a gory expressed comedy.


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