Applied Willpower

A poem written by: Lee Sonogan

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What is Willpower?

Every intelligent human being is capable of it,

Energetic mental energy ment to empower,

A form of self-control where you do not submit.

Flowers do not have will,

While animals have a degree of conscious choice,

Informed choices of a human take skill,

Applied willpower can give you a voice.


Many have used this skill to be persistent,

Use their voice to obtain what they want,

Everything that comes their way comes non-resistant,

Thoughts and ideas are constantly express out in front.


Lack of willpower is the number one reason to not reach a goal,

Many studys prove this,

Desires and impulses take their toll,

Limited, being strong-willed can be lowered down into the abyss.

Exerting self-control may improve willpower strength over time,

Keeping healthy can help prevent the effects of will power depletion,

Watch your mental activity and use your will power part-time,

Treat yourself well with ethical ambition.


You may have heard of stories of seemingly superhuman strength,

Willpower can make you do impressive actions with the right motivation,

Actions is the foundation of willpower that creates length,

Mental strength becomes equal or greater than your current vibration.


Set obtainable goals and use your mind’s ability to your advantage,

Be in control of your instincts and morality as they conflict,

To balance willpower is hard to manage,

Your reasoning behind your willpower may not be perfect.

Willpower is a philosophy,

Using the law of attraction and mental energy,

Motivation for activating willpower comes with great curiosity,

It can be said to be a form of extrasensory.


The secret trick to willpower?

Commit to your actions and never give up,

Embrace full on each negative encounter,

And each time hit it out with a club!


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