Ungroovygords music playlist: 5

A list written by: Lee Sonogan

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Howdy! After a week off, I am back at it! The fifth music playlist created by me. Been listening to old stuff recently. Time to publish a new music playlist. Hard rock to various other type of genres of music are in the following playlist. Enjoy!

  1. Down with the Sickness – Disturbed
  2. Du Hast – Rammstien
  3. B.Y.O.B – System of a Down
  4. Nookie – Limp Biscuit
  5. Foxy Foxy – Rob Zombie
  6. Give it away – Red Hot Chilli Peppers
  7. This is the new shit – Marilyn Manson
  8. Forty six and 2 – Tool
  9. Iron man – Black Sabbath
  10. Cure for the itch – Linkin Park
  11. Here to Stay – Korn
  12. The unthinking majority – Serj Tankian
  13. Money – Pink Floyd
  14. Icurus lives! – Periphery
  15. Before I forget – Slipknot
  16. More human than human – White Zombie
  17. Thunderstruck – ACDC
  18. Headcrusher – Megadeath
  19. Cult of personality – Living colour
  20. Time’s up – Living Colour
  21. All my life – Foo Fighters
  22. St Anger – Metallica
  23. Welcome to the Jungle – Guns and roses
  24. Dig – Mudvayne
  25. Control – Puddle of Mud
  26. Push it – Static X
  27. Boom – P.O.D
  28. In the end – Linkin Park

For now this will be my last music playlist for a while. I have over 100 drafts on this blog that I want to get to publishing first. I will find more underrated songs during that. And Still writing about music, I will continue to write album reviews. In a unrelated note, I hope you are enjoying Wrestlemania 34 like me!

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