Pokemon Gold and Silver, a video game review

A video game review written by: Lee Sonogan

GBC (1999) RPG, adventure

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I have not written about Pokemon in a while. This is one of the Pokemon video games that came out in the second generation of games in early 2000s. In a different region, you collect/battle Pokemon in a whole new world with new gym leaders. And there is many more Pokemon not from the original game. While you collect gym badges and beat Pokemon trainers, you can unlock the first game map to explore. It is twice as difficult while more fun of a challenge.

Published by Nintendo for the Game Boy Colour, I got this game as a kid. I have played this game over many times. By 2010, the recorded sales of Gold and Silver were at 23 million units. So I was not the only one who played it a lot. It is regarded as one of the best Pokemon games out there. Gold and Silver was so popular that the next year they made a remake of the game called Pokemon Crystal. Years later they would make a better remake on the Nintendo DS call Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver. Those remakes are recommended if you enjoyed the original Pokemon Gold and Silver.

The story in the game is longer than Pokemon Red and Blue. It develops some characters while having a good dialogue between the main character and various NPCs. Sound is important while playing this video game. For a game on the Game Boy Colour, its soundtrack was perfect. Peaceful Nintendo music with well-chosen intense music for battles. Some of the sounds in the game have a groovy rhythm to them. There is a video below of the musical soundtrack of the game.

Facts about the Pokemon video game: (SPOILERS)

  • You can catch both cover art legendary Pokemon in the video game (Lugia, Ho-oh)
  • First game to introduce Steel and Dark Pokemon
  • You battle the character you played in the original Pokemon Red/Blue at the end of the game
  • First game to introduce the breeding in-game feature
  • 251 total Pokemon with new forms and evolutions
  • Can unlock Raikou, Entei and Suicune, the three legendary dogs easy
  • About six free Pokemon in the video game to receive
  • Creative puzzles in gyms and caves
  • New Pokeballs and items can be held by Pokemon
  • Day and night cycles
  • Much more interesting information and easter eggs in the game

Pokémon Gold & Silver were going to be the last games in the series. I am glad they continued to make the games. Playing one of each generation game, Pokemon is the best RPG turned based video game out there. For the record I have beaten this video game doing the Nuzlocke challenge. I recommend this video game to all fans of turn based RPGs. And all who liked the anime. If you did not see the spoiler I gave out in the list, the ending is a perfect way to end any Pokemon video game. The video game deserves its rating I am going to give it.

PS – I am due to play a Pokemon video game again


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