100 Ways to Die

A list created by: Lee Sonogan

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Everyone will die eventually. Your death could be one of these listed here. This list is for the purpose of not dying. If you know how you could potentially die, you can be prepared for it. This list is not being created by my own paranoia but to see possibilities of my own death. I can be clumsy and I do not want my death to be my own fault. If you can relate to that then this list might interest you.

  1. Driving
  2. Tripping on a busy road
  3. Not looking when crossing a road
  4. Getting hit by a moving vehicle
  5. Wearing a really long scarf in a convertible
  6. Using a forklift and knocking down a warehouse’s racks full of goods/products
  7. Adrift at sea
  8. Plane crash
  9. Shot or stabbed
  10. Murder
  11. Terrorist attacks
  12. Explosion
  13. Surgery
  14. Decapitation
  15. Sacrificed
  16. Torture
  17. Slow dismemberment
  18. Eaten by an animal
  19. Poisoned by an animal
  20. Parasites
  21. Buried Alive
  22. Lethal Injection
  23. Electric Chair
  24. Crucifixion
  25. Blood Eagle
  26. Hanging
  27. Scaphism
  28. Choking
  29. Swallowing glass
  30. Crushed to death
  31. Decompression
  32. Getting punched in the nose
  33. Brain aneurisms
  34. Cerabal hemorrhage
  35. Food poisoning
  36. Allergy attacks
  37. HIV
  38. Cancer
  39. Anthrax
  40. Infections
  41. Heart attack
  42. Stroke
  43. Sex
  44. Alcoholism
  45. Raped to death
  46. Bleeding to death
  47. Organ failure
  48. Holding in pee and poo
  49. Ignoring toothaches
  50. Childbirth
  51. Dying in your sleep
  52. Slipping in the shower
  53. Extension cords
  54. Wood Chopper Accident
  55. Playing video games for 50 hours straight
  56. Hot tubs and swimming pools
  57. A lift that malfunctions and drops to the bottom floor
  58. Roller coaster accident
  59. Mixing bleach and ammonia while cleaning
  60. Carbon monoxide poisoning
  61. Radiation
  62. Electricity
  63. Unapproved gasoline containers
  64. Taking Tylenol for a hangover
  65. Mixing medication
  66. Diving into the shallow end
  67. Drowning
  68. Dry drowning
  69. Jumping out a window of a skyscraper
  70. Falling off ladders
  71. Taking selfies near a cliff or on a tall building
  72. Overdosing
  73. Shaking snack machines
  74. Dehydration
  75. Drinking too much water
  76. Eating too much food
  77. Starvation
  78. Eating Raw Oysters
  79. Certain poisonous plants
  80. Freeze to Death
  81. Using a paraglider
  82. Bungee jumping
  83. Not wearing a helmet
  84. Living next to a volcano
  85. Burning
  86. Earthquake
  87. Lighting
  88. Tsunami
  89. Drought
  90. Flooding
  91. Tornados, hurricanes
  92. Performing stunts
  93. Landslides
  94. Hailstorms
  95. Dust storms
  96. Boredom (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-1249073/You-really-bored-death-scientists-discover.html)
  97. Suicide
  98. The vacuum of space without a spacesuit
  99. Anything big and powerful in space that comes in contact with Earth
  100. Die of Embarrassment (It is possible to die of embarrassment)

I am still alive! A fun list for me to create. And I intend to keep living to an old age. No ones got time for sudden death. Your death should not be dumb. A lot of people have died in very dumb ways. There is a tv show about it called 1000 Ways to Die.

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