Horse shit and Sawdust

A poem written by: Lee Sonogan

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I am currently working as a stablehand,

Horses and many more animals,

Getting long-term work worked out as planned,

About a month now and no actual damages.

New working schedule,

5 or 3 days every week,

Earning and saving money is essential,

Working on my future is what I seek.


Maintaining the health of the horses,

And maintaining mine,

I do it all without doing relevent courses,

One time I got bit in the spine.

Picking up horse shit every work day,

Using sawdust in the horse boxes,

They greet you at the doorway,

I work with horses that are various in ages.


This job has gotten my fitness up,

After work I am in little pain and fatigue,

4 AM when we startup,

I am due to get sick eventually in my current routine.

Working with horses you need patience,

You do not want to spook a horse in a small area,

Today in a very long time I feel contagious,

Picking up all the feces and diarrhea.


My immune system has been rendered weak,

Horses are prone to respiratory disease,

Still working today, I took it on the cheek,

A day or two and I will back to working with ease.

A horse’s body/chest capacity is about 50 percent,

While they smell with their gums,

They can get sick if they are treated with neglect,

Cleaning out their boxes helps out with their lungs.


Some horses I like are chill,

Other can be more difficult,

Getting it done may not be a thrill,

My issues working it a long time are minimal.

I am needed in the stables routine,

There is nothing wrong in the job I currently have,

My motivation of working and writing will not impede,

When I commit, I usually have a motive.

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