My Shopping List

A poem written by: Lee Sonogan


If a word is bolded in my shopping list, it means I am going to buy it.


A food list of items I am going to get,

Listed at random as I write,

On the way I need to get pet,

I call pet, petrol and sometimes I go food shopping at night.

Fridge is nearly empty,

I crave for more goods,

Drive past a jetty,

Maybe write list on phone or paper of notebooks.


I am inside and I need to get my first item,

Fruits and vegetables is the most wide floor surface,

Going to be quick with rhythm,

Get everything I want to fulfill my hunger urges.

Pushing a trolley towards the greens,

I obtain my first item, usually lettuce,

Past the peas and beans,

Avoid all that is limited and shapeless.


Cucumber and onions over there

A little bit of Celery will not hurt,

Green capsaicin is fair,

Some grapes and kiwi fruit are to my comfort.

I see a French stick,

Turning my head there is a hawaiian pizza roll, 

Coffee and some milk around a corner quick,

Extra Soy sauce, salad dressing and tartare sauce to put with food in a bowl


Drinks aisle will quench my thirst,

Maybe a pack of cans?

One drink first,

Red Eye energy drink first because I am one of their fans.

Pick up a big bottle of Solo or/and Fanta,

Breakfast orange juice,

Getting faster,

Allen’s party mix, Doritos, Salsa, In a next shelf I can not refuse.


Frozen section is near the end of the shop,

A Iced Coffee is cold below me,

More along the shelfs I get Salami, Cheese and Butter on the top,

Garlic muscles are cheap during my food shopping spree.

Frozen section for some chicken,

Also a frozen pizza and/or ice cream,

Getting mini bite dim sims is done,

Self serving all my items and I now have more points to redeem.


At home once more,

Everything to be put inside,

Opening the house with the door ,

All purchase are on the bench spread out wide.

Dinner ideas are in front of me,

Snacks to be left out to consume,

Choices could be any,

Finish up and get back to chilling in my room.

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