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Yep, its been an another 500 posts on this blog. So much more stuff keeps happening and being created. Also getting closer to my goals in my past To Do list (2018-2019). Keeping up with my reading as well. So much more to get into details with. Thank you to all readers and followers of the blog. And everyone else who has help me get traffic to my blog. For now I ask you what is the fate of Ungroovygords? Will this blog continue? Do I still have ideas to write? Do I have time to write? Read the next paragraph to find out.

Starting with the fate of my blog. Always! I have 88 drafts currently on this blog. That grows every two to three days. Updating my current and past information is coming. Possibly adding a category for Movie reviews and one more category. Upgrade to business plan sometime next month might just happen. In an attempt to cross promote with people, I may share some other bloggers content on my blog. That is one idea of many. More promoting and sharing ideas to do also.

One of my goals was to find long time work while I still write. That has been achieved for now. 5 days a week with 5-6 hours a day. It starts at 4am in the morning, so I need to get up at 3am. The job is a stable hand working with horses. This has been an adjustment for me. The good thing is it still leaves me free time to write as much as I want. Bad thing is that I stay awake all day trying to remain focused while being fatigued. Fatigued more in the body then the mind.

I still intent to continue. Writing keeps me focused and motivated. Plus many other things. My muscles get sore but, it get easier everyday. Been working for over 2 weeks now and I hope I can continue it for a long time. To make blogging easier for me I will sometimes announce breaks from it, share other people’s content or take one or two days off randomly. Or I will just keep writing more content. I will promise nothing in this paragraph.

Keep in mind that I am doing more than blogging. I have more writing projects going on. And more others things I want/need to do in my personal life. Writing anyway will be done daily by me. I keep a 500 word count daily. That word count is mixed between all my writing every day. I usually do more words a day. Keeping my writing routine is important. keeping sane managing it all is also important.

500 written posts! When I get to a thousand, I will be one happy man. My online writing resume is huge now. More created the more I become. Increasing potential is important. Finishing my to do list (2018-2018) is also important. Tell me what I need to do for improve or content? Email me for collaboration or cross promotion? Send me something interesting? I am willing to talk about anything interesting. See you at the 600th post. Please enjoy the video below.

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