Device, an album review

An album review written by: Lee Sonogan

Device (40:20) Industrial metal, alternative metal, hard rock


It’s early morning
And the sun holds no redemption for me
And I then discover
All the scratches running up and down my spine
From the other night…ha  Haze, Device

If you have heard of the band Disturbed, then you may have heard of Device. David Draiman is the lead vocalist in both bands. This album is alternative metal with more of an electronic sound. Sounding more similar to the bands of Nine Inch Nails or Ministry. The album was recorded at David Draiman’s home studio in Austin, Texas. Also, the album came out under the music label, Warner Bros.

Many songs on the album are very different and involve many other famous musicians. Lizzy Hale, Serj Tankian, M. Shadows and Tom Morello to name a few. On the Deluxe Edition of the album, there is extra songs. They include the songs Wish, A Part Of Me and Recover. The producers of the album are Geno Lenardo and the lead singer, David Draiman.

Album tracklisting:
  • You Think You Know
  • Penance
  • Vilify (Recommended)
  • Close My Eyes Forever (Recommended)
  • Out of Line (Recommended)
  • Hunted
  • Opinion (Recommended)
  • War of Lies
  • Haze (Recommended)
  • Through it All (Recommended)

It is an underrated album full of a good collection of music. It has everything and more in it. Being consistent, it delivers power rhythms. Excellent vocals that sound different to the band, Disturbed. Listening to this album many times, I can listen to these songs over and over again. I recommend this album to all fans of the band Disturbed and people who enjoy interesting vocals with interesting music.


Don’t give me your line
Won’t let it go this time
And make a mockery of this obscenity
It’s gotten out of control
Some poor unfortunate soul
Will pay the price again, to feed your vanity – Out Of Line, Device

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