Craving the taste of the condiment, Vinegar

A poem written by: Lee Sonogan

vinegar-brown-1l-Ungroovygord's crack


To me, vinegar can be like crack cocaine,

I must limit my use of it,

I should not complain,

It was my fault and I should have taken the hint.

You have no idea how tasty food is with vinegar,

Tried it with everything, I still get the craving,

From early high school to now, it does not get easier,

Stopping three and a half years ago, doing that could have been live saving.


Vinegar has many healing properties,

While it is very acidic,

It has attacked me from the inside on to my cavities,

Acid Reflux is genetic.

Memories of meat salads haunt me,

I have switched to salad dressing,

Tartare sauce on every food I eat that comes from the sea,

Me and my teeth are confessing.


Alternative uses include cleaning,

Eliminating odors and germs,

Reduces static and lint sticking while washing,

This condiment could kill earthworms.

November 1st is National Vinegar Day,

The French call it “vin algre” literally meaning sour wine,

I nearly had some today,

Dark necessities are a part of my design.


Taste changes and becomes different,

I have cravings but, will I still like the taste?

My past obsession of vinegar is not a part of my current,

Vinegar in my life has nearly been completely replaced.

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