Committing to your ideas

An article written by: Lee Sonogan


“If you stay passionate and committed, mediocrity will never be eager to befriend you.”
― Israelmore Ayivor, 101 Keys To Everyday Passion

Being a blog writer and fiction creator, to get anywhere you must commit to any project you do. Same as in life where you commit to your personal values or your work. Committing to anything takes time, effort and motivation from the right information. You may need to plan what you do or you may be a person who makes decisions in the moment. Being successful in your ideas requires commitment and the will power to make it happen. In this following article I will try to explain methods and techniques in achieving what you need to do. This information can relate to many topics and themes in life.

Struggle is a guarantee in life when doing something important. You may have many reasons and thoughts why you need to do what you need to do. Understanding your values and what it takes to get there. Do you have the time to pull off such a goal you have in mind? Will you need help to get where you want to be? Is your desires enough to be motivated until completion? Brainstorm your own personal capability and others and you will be on the path to finding the questions you need answering.

Challenges make yours goals harder to achieve. Dealing with challenges head on is a challenge in it self. Research and learning everything relevent to your ideas is a must to have a decent chance on a difficult challenge that is stopping you. Also thinking ahead protects your ideas. More information you have the stronger the ideas you have will become. Information should be a part of your resources.

Once your idea matches your values and capability, you will enter a relationship with your ideas. You will be ready to start what you are doing. In any great relationship, you must negotiate with each other. Your ideas need certain concepts that may not agree with what you are thinking. If you do not compromise, you will not have the quality relationship with your ideas you need. See the good in your ideas.

Risk is a part of committing. Be brave and risk failure to achieve. Do not let fear stop you from you working on your goals. It will seduce you into shrinking you dreams and desires. If you get knocked back or hear no, keep trying and develop your ideas even better. Be in control of your own personal thoughts and emotions about the potential risks and knock backs.

Get started and work hard. Time and effort will determine your work ethic. Keep getting motivation from your ideas. Making profit will not help with your motivation. It will only focus your mind on the lack of it and make you want more of it. Trust in your ideas and hard work will in the end make profit anyway. Define your vision, take ownership and take full responsibility for it. Bring your vision into reality.

Avoid commitment traps:

  • Hoping idea will work out
  • Complaining and making excuses
  • Small pleasures and temptations
  • Over planning
  • Making unrealistic commitments

Routine creates consistency. Always take steps forward for your goals. Work on it without a break until you feel you have been productive. Reward yourself after regularly. Patience and flexibility is important in creating a routine around consistency.  Also passion is fuel to keep up consistency. It keeps you focused and ignites your desire to work hard for it. Follow a plan and stock to it will also support you in your routine for your ideas.

Seek feedback. Sometimes ideas can not be successful by one individual. Doing it alone could not achieve a balance of success you desire. Delegate tasks to people with more skills than you. Doing this will give your ideas more depth. Comments from other people forces you to keep an open mind and gives you opportunities that was not an option before. Collaboration with equal credit is also an interesting option to try.

In conclusion, maintaining self-respect in everything talked above will give you self-respect in what you have done to reach your goals from your ideas. The information in this article will nurture the relationship between your ideas and goals. Bigger the ideas, the more chance you will be losing sleep over it. If you can not make progress, adapt to the situation. Be prepared and have a good action plan. There is not much more to say but just go and start doing it.

PS – I need you to commit!

“Success awaits those who steadfastly commit to any requisite sacrifice.”
― Ken Poirot

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