Metalocalypse, a tv show review

A tv show review written by: Lee Sonogan

11-21mins (2006-2013) Animated, comedy, music


Multiple: Brutal!

This adult animated series is about a band called Dethklok and they are the world’s most successful death metal band. The show is a parody of heavy metal culture. With having a lot of black comedy in the show, the music in it is serious business. The music, written by guitarist/creator Brendon Small, is credited to the band and featured in most episodes. The animation is often carefully synced to the music with the chord positions and fingering of the guitar parts shown in some detail

In the show run, it made 61 eps and 1 special. 4 Seasons on their original network, Adult Swim. The series was originally named Death Clock Metalocalypse. Due to the name “Death Clock” already copyrighted, the name was then changed to Dethklok Metalocalypse. To prevent confusion the name was then shortened to Metalocalypse.

Reccomended songs to listen to from the television series:
  • Thunderhorse
  • Murmaider
  • Go into the water
  • Bloodtrocuted
  • Go Forth and Die
  • Briefcase Full of Guts
  • Face Fisted
  • Duncan Hill Coffee Jingle
  • Blood Ocean
  • Hatredy
  • Kill you
  • Probaly more examples

So many good episodes in this tv series. Recording an album in the Mariana Trench in a nuclear submarine. That episode in the amazon rainforest. When the band creates a metal state in Florida to my memory. The random episodes with the band member’s family. The special all musical episode. All episodes with Dr Rockso. When they began to fear for their lives. So much more endless brutal story concepts and scenes that are great.

Dethklok has a touring band. The band consists of show co-creator, vocalist/guitarist Brendon Small, who writes and sings most of the music for the show, alongside drummer Gene Hoglan, bassist Bryan Beller, and second guitarist Mike Keneally. I would like to see that band live. Dethklok also has a comic book series. Adult Swim and Dark Horse comics released four issues out at this current time.

One of the best adult animations ever, more for heavy metal music fans. It’s one of the only shows that I would rewatch. The members of the band all contribute to the fantastic comedy with their different personalities. Then how sometimes they have conflicts with each other. I also like their castle lair with executor servants. Do not show this tv show to kids, or certain people. Metalocalypse is not for everyone but it will appeal to many people who like music/black comedy. I recommend this show to all fans of heavy metal.


Senator Stampingston: As you can see, Dethklok is no laughing matter. They’re the world’s greatest cultural force. A short time since the Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle Batsfjord Massacre Fest, every other coffee company has been obliterated. Completely blown out of the water.

General Crozier: Freaks.

Senator Stampingston: These freaks as you call them are currently worth billions. Gentlemen: [echoing opening theme lines] Skwisgaar Skwigelf, taller than a tree; Toki Wartooth, not a bumble bee; William Murderface, Murderface, Murderface; Pickles, the drummer – doodily-doo, ding-dong doodily, doodily doo; Nathan Explosion. I’m afraid that’s all we know, gentlemen.

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