Why I write!

A poem written by: Lee Sonogan


I was gonna write an article,

But now it is now a poem,

Each part is a particle,

Designed to throw them.

Creativity and learning is the goal,

Routine and effort makes it happen,

Variety is good on the whole,

Anything is possible when I snap in.


Bigger projects on my mind,

Concepts of interest and research on my blog,

Ideas and information mined,

New information expends out in the fog.

Non-fiction is one thing,

Fiction is an other,

Original drafts boil in a hot spring,

While else where, I get a another.


Categorys of articles, reviews, lists and so much more you should see,

Entertainment, education and life of all subjects and themes,

What is next, readers can not foresee,

The writing on the website is bursting at the seams.


All writing is nothing if no one sees it,

Them stats could come from any where,

I get less than expected, I admit,

Nonetheless, I still get daily care.

Online, writing can last forever,

More people will find you in the future then the present,

I will be ready then to pull the lever,

My writing content will then ferment.


One project crashing,

A sequel being written,

One day profit will be flashing,

I am happily smitten.

Managing myself in my journal,

Achieving my daily limit of words,

Writing from the eternal,

People will be reading in herds.


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