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50 Questions answered on Quora

No opening paragraph this time, just questions and answers off the website Quora to read…. There is a link to the first list of answered questions for the website above ^^

1. Which films are you going to watch in 2018?
  • Avengers: Infinity War
  • Black Panther
  • X-Men: Dark Pheonix
  • The Predator
  • Ready Player One
  • Aquaman
  • Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindlewald
  • Untitled Deadpool Sequel
  • Bohemian Rhapsody
  • Hellboy
  • Rampage
2. What makes a good indie film?
  • Original concepts
  • Good production quality with a low budget
  • Good movie script writing
  • Good directing
  • Good actors that can act in the genre of your indie film
  • It has the potential to gain a cult following after being watched
  • Probaly more examples
3. I am scared and confused to start something as a YouTuber or blogger/vlogger. How should I start?

Do drafts of writing projects and practise filming yourself while speaking!

4. What do you see in Quora?
  • Questions of interest
  • Many answers with different information and ideas
  • Personal response to answers
  • Questions I have not seen before
  • Rare opportunities to communicate with individuals
  • Subjects and topics I could possibly write in the future
  • Advertise and promote my writing and blog
  • Probably more examples
5. How do I play PUBG?
  • Know good places to go when you jump out of the plane
  • Listen to all footsteps and gun shots
  • Put gun on auto for close range, single fire for long range
  • Always auto fire when in citys, single fire in citys when have good cover
  • Shooting from the hip close up is also effetive in close range gun fights
  • Loot or camp somewhere and kill them to take their stuff
  • Be quick looting dead bodies
  • Air drops are a gamble. Camp near them and shoot at people trying to get the good loot in the crate
  • Be in front of the blue circle after the first circle unless you have a car close. You will have the time then.
  • Be careful going over bridges as people will be camping there
  • Save some grenades for the top 20 people left
  • When in top ten alway beat the circle. Or the circle will hurt you really quick
  • If going for a winner winner chicken dinner, use guns with suppressors and flash hiders when shooting at the enemy
  • In the final two – four, use auto fire on a gun everytime if the last circle has good cover such as walls and buildings. If the game is ending on a hill with next to no cover, long range single fire will work better
  • Probaly more examples
6. Which one is better, reading a book or listening to a book?

You get more distracted listening to a book. With a book in your hand you take in more information. Both are good if you are used to reading a book or listenting to audiobooks.

7. How do I start making movies?
  • Start small and independent
  • Write movie script (Get positive feedback from it)
  • Download all the pre-production documents for a movie
  • Try to use everything in your life for the movie (Friends, family, props, locations, sound, editing extra
  • Do auditions and hire people to do the work you can not do
  • Get a director with experience in a independent movie or extra
  • Have a budget to afford everything necessary for each scene
  • Know where your gonna sell it to or self publish it yourself for a price
  • Promote and advertise your movie plan
  • Probaly more examples
8. How do you draw more readers and followers to your blog?
  • Create posts that stand out from the rest
  • Always use tags
  • Quality and lengthy content
  • Social media pages and groups
  • Do more of your most popular posts
  • Like 4 likes, comment exchange, review exchange
  • Create contests and competitions
  • Make a book and have it available to sell on your blog
  • Use paid services to boost your stats
  • Share your blog with Ungroovygords
  • Probaly more examples
9. What is the meaning of life in 5 words?

Follow the meaning and purpose

10. What is synonym for huge?

Colossal, enormous, giant, great, humongous, vast, immense, towering, massive, mammoth, monumental, tremendous

11. Who should be in Smash Bros 5?

Splatoon squid and Conker

12. Would you rather read or write for two hours?

Ummm Both would be very good. If it would be two hours straight without any distractions and breaks it would be writing. You would be very productive in those two hours working on what ever you are writing. Reading would get through your reading material quickly. Reading one or two chapters a day of it helps me remember it more. If I go too many chapters at a time I find myself going back to past chapters and pages. Short storys or short chapters is easier. If you’re talking graphic novels I could definitely read two and a half graphic novels in two hours in one sitting. Id rather write for those two hours…

13. Do you listen to albums while playing video games?

Yes! And while I write and read too

14. How did you start a blog career?

Used WordPress.com: Create a free website or blog and kept writing about everything. I also had a book in the works when I started my blog

15. What are some songs that are worth listening to?
16. How do I write a sad death scene?
  • Be descriptive
  • Describe changes in the environment
  • Write from different perspectives
  • Write emotion and feeling
  • Have the death to be connected to alot of stuff in the story
  • Try to make the death scenes impossible to see coming
  • Probaly more examples
17. How do I learn to play Yu-Gi-Oh?

Yu-Gi-Oh is a hard card game to learn. If you want the very basics, get Duel Links for free on your phone or video game console. If you want to learn it faster, I highly recommend getting Yu-Gi-Oh Legacy of a duelist for 20 bucks. Do the duel modes. Get more cards. Get used to editing decks. Learn combos you can do with the different cards. Understand the rules of the game one step at a time and you will get better. After hours of playing computers on a video game then you will know when it is time to start playing online against real people. Also you can check this out https://ungroovygords.com/2016/1…

18. Why am I banned from Quora?

Did you post too many bad questions to Quora?

19. Who can help to be a blogger?

What do you write about?

20. If you were given one super power, which would you choose and why?

Super intelligence!

21. What is the synonym of plant?

flower, grass, herb, seedling, shrub, tree, vine, weed, bush, greenary, sprout, vegetation, probaly more words for plant

22. How can I advertise my blog posts?

Social media, relevent comment sections, relevent questions, on other blogs, paid services to promote stuff, list of links to past content, forum websites like reddit or 4Chan, probaly more examples

23. What makes studying easy?

Tricking you mind and your desires of doing something else by shutting up and just doing the research. Smash out heaps of research. Reward yourself with something and keep doing more. Keep doing that process until you feel you have done enough studying that is required of you. Use mind over matter and put in the effort and time early. You are in control if your will is strong enough.

24. What type of gamer are you, PC or console?

Both! I am using a Nintendo Switch and PC to play video games. I have a Steam account on PC

25. I have never played video games. Where should I start?

Genres of other media you enjoy will have a similar video game that might interest you. Personal recommendations, do research, watch footage of video games, try out multiplayer games with friends, experience video games with online modes, search video games with strong storys, a lot of stuff from Nintendo, check out this list I made Ungroovygord’s top 100 video games Probaly more examples to find out what video game is for you.

26. How did you encounter Quora?
27. Which is better: Xbox or a PS4?

PS4 because it is in full 1080p. I personally like the controllers better. You can easily replace its hard drive for a better one. It has exclusive games that are very good. Probably more examples. It can do mostly everything else a Xbox One can do.

28. What is Minecraft? How do you play it?

Minecraft is an open world sandbox game with endless creativity. There is no set goals to do in the game. Even when there is many more game features hidden in the game. Make your own place and try to survive. At night the monsters come out to play. Beware of exploading Creepers. https://ungroovygords.com/2016/0…

29. What is your review of Pokemon FireRed Omega?

8.2/10 It is certainly the ultimate upgrade from the original FireRed. All gym leaders have six Pokemon. The first three Pokemon generations are in it. So much little extra features are added. Probaly more examples.

30. Which is the best warfare game other than Call of Duty?

Battlefield 1 (2016) and PUBG are my favourite open world warfare video game.

31. Is it difficult to be an online blogger?


32. How can I stop overthinking so often?

100 ways to relax your mind

33. What should I do when I am interested in movies?

You should write movie reviews, Make a blog on WordPress.com: Create a website or blog and start from there. Or you can video movie reviews and over dubb voice overs into it. Even if it is sentences about the movie put up over the certain movie scenes you want to talk about.

34. How do I pick my favorite Pokemon?

Depends on a alot of stuff, My favourite Pokemon is Lucario. I base that on many reasons such as its great in all area. It’s a badass humanoid canine-like Pokemon. It is a steel and fighting type Pokemon. It can learn both physical and special attacking moves of different Pokemon types. It can Mega evolve. It has good attacking stats and bulky in the others. Its first form is sorta cool. in the anime, Lucario is shown as a badass. In one of the Pokemon movies and some of the tv show. Use my examples and answer those questions with your personal preferences. Probaly more examples

35. What is a great philosophical quote from a video game?

“It’s more important to master the cards you’re holding than to complain about the ones your opponents were dealt.” – Grimsley, Pokémon Black and White

36. What are tips for movie reviewing?
  • First write above the genres and time length of the movie.(Maybe also include year of movie.
  • Add a quote from the movie before opening paragraph and after ending paragraph.
  • In first paragraph, begin describing what the movie is all about.
  • Mention who’s in the movie in the first paragraph.
  • In the bulk of the review use topics as pre-production, rumours, story elements, directors, writers, various trivia and much more to make paragraphs.
  • Your personal input should be in the last few paragraphs.
  • Speak about Act 1, 2 and 3 of the story
  • Give a hind about the ending (If you tell more say Warning Spoilers! before saying it.
  • Review it out of ten
  • Probaly more examples
37. What are some synonyms for the word “lucky”?

fortuitous, blessed, charmed, favored, golden, hit it big, holding aces, in the groove, on a roll, on a streak, Striking it rich, prosperous, promising, probaly more examples

38. Why is Minecraft popular? What is it about Minecraft that keeps people playing long hours day after day?

It is very fun. The more people you play with the better. The open sandbox game gives you the freedom to do what you want. While there’s many hidden things you can do in it. You can create world that are out of control. There hundreds of caves hidden under ground. On PC there is thousands of mods that you can add to the game such as Pokemon and guns. You can play this game with anyone if you commit to playing it long term. The more things you create in your world, the more interesting the video game gets. Probaly more examples.

39. What is the daily routine of a blogger?

Work on a draft that I want to publish. Research and 100% complete draft and then post it on my blog. Work on other draft and prepare for the next days post. Get it slightly more than half done for tomorrow. Then work on different drafts and gather all the information needed for it. Also I spend some time sharing and promoting my blog. Question sites and sharing links. Even playing video games under my blogs name promotes my blog. After doing that I try to find time to work on my other writing projects.

40. What is a clever/cool name for a food blog?
    • Chow-town
    • Sustenance of the gods
    • Grit Grub
    • Sweet Nourishment
    • The Consuming Menu
41. What do I need to create my own blog?
  1. Commitment to a topic or topics
  2. Skills in grammar and formatting
  3. Knowledge of topic/s and ability to do your own research
  4. Goals in the blog and know how to share and promote it
  5. Maybe some drafts in the blog before publishing (This will give the blog a good start.)
  6. Extra quotes, images, videos, references and more.
  7. Have people you know give you feedback on ideas you have for your blog
  8. Research other blogs and make sure your ideas stand out from others
  9. Pay a certain amount of money and get a official website url and extra
  10. Maybe do some practise doing guest posts on other people’s blogs (Ungroovygords)
42. Can I play Pokemon X and Y on my laptop?

Yes if you get a 3DS emulator off the internet. Then you download the rom for it and your good to go. I have not used a 3DS emulator before, only GBA, DS, 64, and Gamecube. So I can not recommend a 3DS emulator to look up atm.

43. How many pages will a 500 word essay make?

I would say 2 pages for 500 words with the text size being 12.

44. What is another word for the word zero?

Nil, blank, nada, oblivion, void, zip, insignificancy, lowest point, probaly much more!

45. How does being a guest blogger help your own blog?

You instantly get a views of traffic from the other blog. Being accepted to their blog as a guest blogger means that you will get on going traffic from their audience and also the recommendations of the writers of the blog. Get more connections with other bloggers for different writing and promoting opportunities. Sharing your links to people and giving them the content they need is some good collaboration worth doing! Probaly more examples

46. Is Pokemon a good game?

There is many Pokemon games out there that’s a good game. Pokemon Sun and Moon are the best currently with all the new current and old Pokes in it. Even there is Pokemon hacked games on the PC that creates different storys of the video games. Then there’s other Pokemon games out there such as Pokken tournament DX and extra the are comletely diiferent to the average Pokemon video game. To answer you question, Pokemon has some great video games and the more you play different Pokemon games, the more fun you will have overall.

47. When you lend money to people, do they pay you back?

I expect to get payed back. I might give them a time frame where they have to pay back. Or even if I do not need the mons atm, I will be paitent and it does not matter. Most of my friends are good at getting the money back to me in time. I have had some issues but, I get what i gave out back eventually. Then I feel goods for helping out one of my mates. If they do not pay you back, take no excusses and lay down some truths that what they are doing is not what you organised together. Thats a problem that you need to discuss with the person and solved with ease. If you still have issues with a simple deal such of that, it will get more complex. Do not lend people money if there not going to pay it back. You will have issues then the friendship or relationship will gain some issues. It’s not worth lending money to people if they have history in being a dog with money.

48. Will getting a gaming chair increase FPS?

It will slightly. Being comfortable in competitive game play is important to be better. But more important is experience and practising. Learn what your enemy will do and come up with different methods to get the advantage on them. Have a good mouse so you have always the best vision. Use keyboard on lap or on table depending on your comfortably. Use a good head set so you can hear people’s foot steps and shots in all areas. Be stealthy and you will be more better at FPS video games.

49. Why is Frieza considered more marketable than Cell?

Frieza had the history of controlling a part of the universe for a long time. Cells dialog was mostly speeches on his desires on being perfect. Frieza was so good he never trained. When trained, Frieza was way stronger than Cell. Cell stole everyone elses moves. The race design of Friezas race. Frieza is just a more interesting character in my opinion. Probaly more examples.

50. Do you think ‘PhoenixFrost’ is a cool gamertag?

Its alright. My gamertag in most video games console is called Ungroovygords. Mainly because I have a blog called that and it helps me promote my website when I play online. Is ‘PhoenixFrost’ anthing relevent to you? It you had an image to go along with the gamertag, thats relevent enough. Two word thrown together sometimes can be cool but if it is not relevent to anything. Expect people you play with to ask you why you choose your name to be that.

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