Commited to a Bright Future, an album review

An album review by: Lee Sonogan

Dog Fashion Disco (2003) 52:45mins/ Avant-garde metal, experimental rock


You’ve got the look that makes detectives itch
A mouth full of thunder and feverous pitch
A cross between Satan and a Gucci witch
Your disposition would make Hitler flinch – Rapist Eyes, Dog Fashion Disco

Dog Fashion Disco’s 5th studio album. It was put out under the music label of Spitfire Records. The band does many different styles of music where it is a treat for the fans who listen. Mixed between heavy metal, hardcore, jazz, ska and many more styles, it is truly originally sounding. The closest music like it is Mr Bungle.

This band got me into Mr Bungle. The band has many members. Todd Smith is on vocals. Greg Combs on guitars. Stephen Mears on bass. Jeff Siegal on Keyboards and John Ensminger on drums. Todd Smith on vocals has a versatile voice to make this band possible and has been with the band since 1995.

Tracks on the album:

0. (Recommended) “Grease” ((Hidden in the negative time)) 2:47
1. “Love Song for a Witch” 4:11
2.  (Recommended) “Rapist Eyes” 5:04
3. “Dr. Piranha” 2:51
4.  (Recommended) “Fetus on the Beat” 3:32
5. “Worm in a Dog’s Heart” 3:46
6.  (Recommended) “Plastic Surgeons” 3:19
7.  (Recommended) “Pogo the Clown” 2:26
8.  (Recommended) “Castaway” 4:20
9. “Nude in the Wilderness” 3:31
10.  (Recommended) “The Acid Memoirs” 3:13
11.  (Recommended) “Déjà Vu” 4:01
12. “Magical Band of Fools” 3:29
13. “Scores for Porn” ((Hidden Track on some versions))

Comparing this album to their other albums, you can tell that the band has found success in the music industry. The groovy rhythms in a combination with talented musicians create impressive songs. If they would come to Australia, I would see them live for sure. I recommend this album to people who like alternative sounding metal sounds and vocals.


Years became mummified
A relic of suicide
Years became mummified
Waiting for when they wash up in the tide – Castaway, Dog Fashion Disco

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