25 Writing prompts from Reddit

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I enjoy reading fictional storys and creating my own. To come up with a fictional story, you must come up with an overall concept/s. Writing prompts can help with that. Reddit has a sub-reddit full of them. ^^^ The following list is some of the most interesting writing prompts I could find for the website, Reddit.

  1. After witnessing a death, a young girl falls in love with the Grim Reaper. She becomes a serial killer just to see him more often. – PeterCHward
  2. You have been thrown into a fantasy world of swords, magic, dragons and adventurers. You can’t do magic, and have no sword skills, so to make your living you fall back on your college major, and set up shop as something that is unique in this world; a Psychiatrist. – RepostFromLastMonth
  3. You are stuck in a story that you wrote. You have full manipulation of everything that happens in said universe, which causes you to wonder whether you should say there permanently. – Dummie1138
  4. When writers die, they go to the worlds they created. Unfortunately for you, you spent your life writing horror. – Nofrillsoculus
  5. You work as a translator, but this time you really don’t want to translate what you’ve just been told. – EdenC996
  6. In an alternate reality where ranged weapons never existed (from pistols to missile launchers) due to an agreement early days, yet technology still advanced, two countries are about to go into a massive all-out war. You’re a front line soldier on the side that’s about to break the agreement. – Soviieeent
  7. You were cursed with immortality, the only cure is true love. Since then it’s been 2.5 million years and all life on Earth is extinct. – Jar_of_lameness
  8. You live in a modern-day society where the only accepted form of currency is stories: Gossip, fictional and real tales of intrigue and adventure, rumors, etc. in written or oral form. Some are more valuable than others. What does your typical day look like? – Kommunasty
  9. You were supposed to be killed with poison gas. Now you’ve become dependant on it. – Aloafoffrenchbread
  10. A van stops in front of you, and everyone inside looks exactly like you. One of them tosses you a gun and says, “No time to explain, get in the van! -TheCatAteMyGymsuit
  11. News Studios worldwide struggle to cope after an entire week passes with no news, anywhere. – PeterValence
  12. You obtain a device that tells you exactly what choices to make in order to lead the “happiest” life possible. Some of these choices get hard to make. – Luna_LoveWell
  13. You swerve to avoid a squirrel. Unknown to you, the squirrel pledges a life debt to you. In your darkest hour, the squirrel arrives. – Psycho_alpaca
  14. An elderly couple takes to petty crime to see their superhero kids who no longer call. – reasonationfury
  15. Every time the Messiah returns, we kill him. It is now the Thirty-seventh Coming, and Jesus is getting sick of our shit. – ChokingVictim
  16. You reach the afterlife, but before you find out where you’ll end up, you have to watch the entire life of someone and decide where they should go. What you don’t know is all of your memories have been wiped and it’s your own life you’re watching. – 9.232C
  17. Killing Hitler has become a sport amongst time travelers. Points are awarded for creativity and difficulty. You are last year’s champion, how did you win? – Galokot
  18. In a world where everyone survives off of basic income, companies have to convince you to work for them. – PSHoffman
  19. After dying, God asks you: “So, how was heaven?” TheWritingSniper
  20. 100 years in the future dank memes are precious artifacts. While scanning your grandpa’s PC, you stumble upon the rarest of all… – Kaantur-Set
  21. Wrongly imprisoned individuals who are later found innocent are given a Crime-Credit equal to the number of years they were unjustly held. This non-transferable credit can be used to engage in any combination of criminal acts to the value of the time owed. – bhamv
  22. Life follows the physics of Super Smash Brothers; the closer you are to death, the more you bounce around until you get knocked into Space. – Wrobbing
  23. Deep in the jungles of Papua New Guinea, a previously uncontacted tribe is discovered. Cut off from humanity for at least 3,000 years, anthropologists are shocked to discover the tribe is MORE technologically advanced than the rest of humanity. – JBaloney
  24. A permanent storm rages across a planet. The only inhabitants are nomads who constantly travel inside the eye of the storm. – weighawesome
  25. Few humans are left alive and evolve after light from the sun is very dull on their planet. To see a shadow was rare. A shadow of a humanoid figure trys to convince a human or humans that their world is an illusion and is not real. – lsonogan012

Fictional storys can be great. Sometimes fictional story concepts can be hard to write. I hope this list can get you started on your writing ideas. Below is my Reddit account link.


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