List of ideas and information I am looking for

A list written by: Lee Sonogan

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Always on the search for new information. Researching all the time gets my drafts done on this blog. Some information is harder to find than others. Then some information or ideas lead to new drafts or different ideas. The following list is what I am currently looking for.

  • Feedback to what people want to see on my website and bigger writing projects
  • Interesting poem collections of different styles worth reading
  • Epic short story prompts
  • Ideas to get my content searched more in search engines
  • The best place to learn quantum mechanics
  • The best place to learn writing comedy
  • The best place to master psychology
  • The best person to teach me the keyboard once a week
  • More places to get good and relevent quotes
  • Short story recommendations
  • Fiction recommendations (Books, graphic novels, ect)
  • Non-fiction recommendations
  • Movie, TV show, documentaries and more underrated recommendations I have not have seen before
  • Interesting video game challenges to do
  • Good team members in the video game PUBG
  • List of exciting and unheard of questions
  • Original content concepts and ideas
  • Freelance writing contacts and opportunities
  • People willing to write guest posts on this website
  • Other people’s blogs that would accept guest posts from me
  • A place that would buy my thriller/action movie script
  • An experienced editor that I can trust (Save time from me doing it)
  • Feedback on my Poems and Short storys
  • Review on my book I got out on Amazon (
  • An artist that can do concept art, book covers and what else I need
  • Want to collaborate with someone in a writing project/s (Looking for that someone)
  • People to write forewards to my future projects and sequel to the book I have out on Amazon
  • Looking for someone to narrate my book on amazon and possible future writing projects from me
  • Locally looking for writing opportunities in south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia
  • Locally looking for writing groups that teach various skills and have writing exercises
  • Find more writing friends online
  • People interested in debating me on a subject/topic
  • People I know willing to do a written interview with me
  • Get people to submit content to my writing contest (
  • Always looking for new online websites that help you promote and advertise your writing
  • Find a place that makes the best Ramen that will blow my mind in my first taste (I have not had Ramen before)
  • Free music avalable for anyone to use, with no copyright
  • Probably so much more information and ideas that I need to be looking for!

I am always going to be needing new ideas and information. Finding the information I need to create can lead to more ideas and more information I could use in my website. I assume a lot of bloggers out there would be looking for the same type of information I am looking for.

Here is some links to my book for sale:

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