50 Ways to save your money

A list written by: Lee Sonogan

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“Money should be ones demand and not command, one should not become a slave of Money because we made money to help us trade and not to make us, we’re already made even without money.”
― Auliq Ice

We made money so we can trade and purchase with others. So we can sell own stuff. To run our own businesses. While spending money can give you experiences and happiness, savings can give you a piece of mind and the opportunity to invest into something or yourself. I recommend to everyone to save their money in ways they see fit.

  1. Use a Piggy Bank
  2. Use your credit card wisely
  3. Clear your credit card debt
  4. Clear you education debt
  5. Cut the cost to your energy bills
  6. Get less take out food
  7. When buying a new car, look at only the used models
  8. Use solar panels on your house
  9. Get rid of the home phone and stick with a mobile
  10. Consider installing a water meter
  11. Use pre-paid option on mobiles and pay as you need it
  12. Always have a look in the discount bins in supermarkets and other shops
  13. Make a shopping list
  14. Write down everything you spend
  15. Do not buy the designer labels
  16. Stop collecting and start selling
  17. Learn to say no to yourself
  18. Walk/ catch public transport
  19. Quit smoking cigarettes and doing other vices
  20. Only have one paid streaming site to watch shows
  21. Fight your parking tickets
  22. Shop online and only buy cheaper deals
  23. Grow own vegetables and fruits
  24. Bulk cook meals and then freeze them
  25. Become a hunter and store your own meat
  26. Buy Xmas presents throughout the year
  27. Go to free festivals and events
  28. Get into camping
  29. Cancel gym membership
  30. Learn how to cope with stress without spending
  31. Bottle your own water
  32. Monitor your bank balance
  33. Review your insurances
  34. Install energy efficient light bulbs
  35. Wash your own car
  36. Car pool when you can
  37. Try using cash only
  38. Use your local library
  39. Do not make big purchases instantly
  40. Get help from a financial counsellor
  41. Use a ATM only from your bank
  42. Volunteer at festivals and events
  43. Make gifts yourself
  44. Get excited about leftovers
  45. stash snacks in your car
  46. Invest in ‘Smart’ power strips to help charge devices with less energy
  47. Collect coupons and join loyalty programs if you go that a certain place a lot that does that
  48. Do your taxes and get a tax refund if possible
  49. Stay focused on saving money
  50. Earn more money – A second job or provide an extra service to make more money

I have a tiny amount of savings in the bank laying there when I need it. This gives me a peace of mind for my future and anything I need to do in the present. I hoped this list was helpful and gave you some ideas about saving money.

“Money is a very dangerous thing, you have to get know how to look after it or else you will loose it with ease and remember how you would’ve it in hard times.”
― Auliq Ice

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