People I know – Written interview with Jackson Lia

Written interview 4 – Improvised
Guest: Jackson Lia

The guest today is someone I have known since high school. His birthday is on the 13th of July and has experience in sales. I play video games with this guy and he has many types of understanding towards many similar themes and topics I like. The following interview is a somewhat improvised approach and written before Christmas last year.


How are you today Jackson?

Pretty good.

Why did you agree to this written interview? 

To help you get blog content, also think it’ll be interesting.

Can you tell my audience a little about yourself?

I’m 24, work in recruitment and live in Melbourne.

Where do you work in Melbourne?

I work for Programmed in Altona.

Other than work, what else have you done today?

I bought some Christmas presents, cleaned the house and bought groceries. Currently doing the dishes.

Did you get a Christmas present for me?

This interview is your Christmas present. haha

What have you been watching recently on the tv?

Been watching Vikings and Mr Robot, that’s about it at the moment.

Nice, what genres of fiction do you usually watch?

Usually crime (Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, etc) or fantasy.

Historical fiction like Vikings I’m keen on as well.

Name 3 or more must watch shows for you?

Breaking Bad, The Sopranos and Peep Show.

Name 3 or more underrated movies?

The Raid, The Raid 2 and American Psycho. All well received but should be regarded as classics.

Are you looking forward to certain movie coming out soon?

Don’t know of many but I wanna watch the new blade runner, haven’t had a chance yet.

If you had the power to make a video game of a movie, what movie would you choose?

Pretty hard one. Valhalla Rising, where you’re a lone Viking would be a good open world RPG.

What was the first ever video game you ever got?

Sonic the hedgehog on the Sega I think.

That’s the earliest I remember playing a game anyway.

What is the newest video game you have brought?

Bought L.A Noire today.

PS4, Xbox one or PC for video games?


What is one of your favourite video game soundtracks?

No idea man. haha

Donkey Kong Country had a pretty good one.

Who are your favourite musical bands?

Tool, queen, mj, talking heads

Lately anyway, don’t pay much attention these days

What live performances have you seen from bands?

Kiss, Tool, Karnivool, Muse, Primus, Rammstein, GNR (the new shit one), Closure in Moscow, Dead Letter Circus

Heaps more at festivals and that.

What was the last book you read?

The Persuaders.

What was that book about?

It’s about public relations firms and how they influence political/social ideology.

DC comics or Marvel?

DC I guess but no real preference.

Would you consider writing a guest post on my blog?

Yeah man.

If you could witness any event past, present or future, what would it be?

The Big Bang.

If you could be any fictional character, who would you choose?

Dr Manhattan from Watchmen.

What questions do you hate to answer?

When someone asks me to describe myself/my life.

One album for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Probs, 10,000 Days by Tool.

What is your earliest memory?

Throwing a bottle of coke at my cousin.

What is the craziest dream you ever had?

Brendan Fraser from The Mummy tearing me in half.

Brutal. What is something you have always wanted to do?

Go to space.

Do you have any enemies?

Malcolm Turnbull.

Who are your heroes?

None comes to mind.

If you could achieve one thing, what would it be?

becoming a billionaire.

How would you like to die other than old age?

A massive explosion.

What do you think of main stream music?

Lacks flavour.

Should real singers write their own lyrics or is it ok to use lyrics written by someone else?

I think it’s ok to use lyrics written by someone else.

Should everyone have the right to free speech?

Yeah, should be able to say whatever you want wherever you are.

Does free speech allow people to be more opinionated in their actions and sometimes leads violence and harm?

It can, but the alternative would be laws controlling what you say and where you can say it. Then it turns into a dictatorship like Saudi Arabia or North Korea. Governments would control what you say to stop people speaking out against agendas or political movements. So free speech is important no matter what.

Is unbiased truth based off science, facts and evidential information enough to help issues between all the right and left political spectrums?

I think that’s all we should be using in political debate. Politics now is like a soap opera, using religion and scandals to win votes. The problem is the public though, it’s our fault that this is what our politics have turned into.

Short answer is yes.

Should government debates on issues be publically voted more often online for solutions. Give the average person more power in making decisions?

No I don’t think so. The gen pop isn’t informed enough to make important decisions on a whole. We should just have a competent government with our best interests in mind.

Most country’s live in a two-party system and have a handicap by getting everyone elses votes if they do not get enough. Should alternative political groups have more of a chance to take over a country and try new methods and laws for change?

Yeah I think so, but they’re should be some kind of quality control to ensure the groups are actually capable of running a country.

Should there be public educated ethic groups to create quality control along side the various political groups who debate laws at different levels?

Definitely. They should be completely independent from politics. Like a branch of the U.N or strict political watchdog. They should be able to appeal laws that negatively affect the public and automatically pass ones that benefit society (same-sex marriage for example should have been immediately passed without a multi billion dollar vote).

Is the current democracy process in governments prone to corruption and powerful individual’s desires?

For sure, but we don’t have a better way of governing a country at the moment. I think that no matter what form of government we have there will always be corruption and ways for people in people to influence decisions.

Should politicians be permanently banned if they make decisions that are illegal or for their personal gain?

For sure, would you get fired if you did something illegal at your job? Shouldn’t be any different for a politician.

 What changes to the world would you make if you had the power over a country?

Not sure man, not much you can do for the world with just one country. haha

What do you think of Donald Trump?

I think he’s immature and detached from ordinary people. He’s not a politician, and he takes political advice from people who are racist, sexist and religious fanatics.

He’s probably the most hated man on earth so I don’t think he’ll last long seeing as no one takes him seriously.

Is private companies/businesses more or less prone to corruption and actions of individual desires compared to government?

I would say less prone. Most private business aren’t run by lizard people.

What subjects and topics of education should be more taught to the public?

Politics and language.

Equal pay or equal opportunity?

We already have both.

What are your thoughts on globalism?

I don’t think it would be done properly at the moment, so I wouldn’t be too keen on it.  We’re not ready for Globalism.

What would be your utopia?

Where everything is solar-powered and we 3D print everything.  or we just have infinite energy and resources so there’s no reason to buy anything because you can just make your own shit in your 3D printer that prints anything.  and no one would have to work because we’d have machines to do that shit.   including surgery, transport, building etc.

Will technology make us improve above the status quo or will technology somehow push us into a dystopian world?

Nah it’ll improve us. Robot apocalypse is just sci-fi. If anything, humans are far too scared of a robot apocalypse that we’ll never push the limits to create something that’s self-aware.

There is a real AI out there that said it would kill all humans. What would you programme into a robot AI to make sure we do not get a robot apocalypse?

I don’t know enough about programming to give a good answer, but I guess some kind of kill switch or a ‘do not hurt things’ rule.

Do you think there’s more than one universe out there out in space?

Yeah probably, it’s statically likely that there is.

If there is other intelligent life forms out there, what is the real reason we have not had alien contact?

They might not have found us yet. : Or maybe they found us ages ago and haven’t bothered coming back because they’re busy searching for other cool shit in the universe haha If I was an advanced alien race I would hang around earth for very long.

Would you pay a small amount extra in taxes to pay for a giant space telescope space station in the milky way? An attempt to see something more than we can currently see

Yeah for sure but I think we should be pushing governments to fund an upgrade to the LHC (Large Hadron Collider).

China is making the newest biggest one in the world now. Is slamming Hadron particles together at high speeds safe to experiment with?

Yeah with the right equipment it is.  If the world governments had more interest in science, we could have had this shit done with 10 years ago.

What is energy?

‘Power derived from the utilization of physical or chemical resources, especially to provide light and heat or to work machines.’

Do you believe that we are all connected in some way or another?

Well we’re all made of the same shit as the rest of the universe, but besides that not really.

What is your definition of good and evil?

I don’t really think there’s good and evil. I don’t think there are ‘evil’ people. I think it’s got to do with psychological issues. Educated and sound minded people are usually ‘good’ people.

Is there a difference between spirituality and religion to you?

Well religion is usually organised and has rules, anyone can be spiritual however they want.

What is god to you?

Well it means nothing to me, I don’t believe in intelligent design, so I guess my ‘god’ would be myself. In the context of me bring in control of my life I guess.

What is the meaning of life?

Dunno mate. haha

Is there anything else do you want to say to my audience and the world?

If you don’t read Lee’s blog you’re a chump.


Interview complete. I want to do this more, improvised with people I know. You know? I know more people that I could do a written interview with.

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