My Name Is Earl, a tv show review

A tv show written by: Lee Sonogan

(2005-2009) 22min/ Comedy


[title sequence voiceover]

Earl: You know the kind of guy who does nothing but bad things, and then wonders why his life sucks? Well… that was me. Every time something good happened to me, something bad was always waiting around the corner. Karma. That’s when I realised I had to change. So, I made a list of everything bad I’ve ever done and, one by one I’m going to make up for all my mistakes. I’m just trying to be a better person. My name is Earl.

One of my favourite TV shows when i was a kid. My Name is Earl is a show about a ne’er-do-well wins $100,000 in the lottery and decides to right all the wrongs from his past with his newfound realization.  This show lasted four seasons until in was cancelled. The actors Jason Lee and Ethan Sulpee star in this comedy tv series. Even though Earl has his eyes shut apparently, in every photo taken, the pictures of Earl on the DVD covers show him with his eyes open.

The intended ending of this show, as stated by Series Creator Gregory Thomas Garcia would have been that Earl was going to get stuck on a difficult list item, and then quit. A few months would pass, until one day, he runs into somebody who also has a list with Earl on it. Earl realizes that his list has given other people the same idea. He then concludes that he has made the world a better place, and puts his list away for good, before walking into the sunset.

Although Jason Lee and Ethan Suplee had worked together before, Producer Gregory Thomas Garcia didn’t discover Suplee because of that, he discovered him while watching the DVD version of Without a Paddle in 2004, because another actor in it had been recommended to him. What convinced Garcia to bring Suplee in for an audition, was the fact that Suplee would think so much about such a small detail, was enough to get him an audition. Garcia and the show’s writers have subsequently used Suplee’s attention to detail to the show’s advantage,

The phrase “son of a bitch” is used once in every episode. Just one average guy trying to fix his wrongs. This show for its time was very impressive. Its camo appearances to original comedy humour. It is a show full of self-improvement and reflections of real life. The ending was sudden and left with a twist. Sadly it got cancelled and we will not see the final twist. I recommend this tv show to anyone who likes Jason Lee’s work on other projects and relatable humour.


[repeated line]

Joy: Oh, snap!


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