50 Topics for your new Podcast

A list written by: Lee Sonogan


“I think if you’re just getting started with your podcast you should do everything yourself.” – Omar and Nicole

Do you like Podcasts? What is a podcast? It’s similar to an internet video but usually done live and done as a talk show. Audio, video or both. Theres a few I like to check out. A podcast can be on any topic or theme. In this list there is 50 ideas for a podcast if you were thinking of making one.

  1. Current news
  2. Breaking news
  3. Interviews/improvised interviews
  4. The harsh reality about
  5. The future of
  6. How to stay motivated with
  7. How to save money with
  8. How to gain confidence fast
  9. How I really Feel about
  10. The facts and figures of
  11. On a budget
  12. Kids and family
  13. Spirituality/religion
  14. Conspiracy theorys
  15. Survival tips
  16. Health
  17. Travel
  18. Sports
  19. lifestyle
  20. Food
  21. History
  22. Philosophy
  23. Education
  24. Science
  25. The environment
  26. Comedy
  27. Music
  28. Movies
  29. Tv shows
  30. Anime
  31. Books
  32. Technology
  33. Video games
  34. Games and hobbies
  35. Graphic novels/comics
  36. Pop culture
  37. Politics
  38. Reviews
  39. Competitions/contests
  40. Studies/experiments
  41. Commentary
  42. Rants
  43. Debates
  44. Surveys
  45. Satire
  46. Roasts
  47. Predictions
  48. Personal perspective
  49. Writing and editing
  50. General

The Joe Rogan Experience is probably the podcast I watch the most. In Australia his podcasts go live in six in the morning. So I check out his stuff on YouTube. One of the best podcasters out there that speaks about a variety of different stuff.

“podcasting is so frictionless from a creative point of view.” – Taki Moore

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