Lulu, an album review

An album review by: Lee Sonogan

Lou Reed and Metallica (2011) 87.04mins/ Avant-garde metal


Some people have told me that I rated most of my reviews high. I like to review things I like. This review is not of something I like. I intend to write more on things I do not like. High ratings of quality content is less impressive without lower ratings to compare it to. Lulu is a collaboration album between singer-songwriter Lou Reed and heavy metal band Metallica. This is the worst music Metallica has ever made in my opinion.

Recorded and released in 2011, it received mixed reviews and extremely negative response from some fans. Some even calling it the worst album of all time. The majority of the vocals is centered on spoken word delivered by Reed over instrumentals composed by Metallica. Reed wrote most of the lyrics to all the songs. You may remember the singer Reed from the song ‘Walk on the wild side’.

Track listing – Lulu

  • Brandeburg Gate
  • The View
  • Pumping Blood
  • Mistress Blood
  • Iced Honey
  • Cheat on Me
  • Frustration
  • Little Dog
  • Dragon
  • Junior

Overall, the spoken word over the music sounded weird. Then the lyrics were just plain weirder. Sounds like an old man rambling to sloppy sounding Metallica songs. One of the most painful and unlistenable albums I have listen to in a long time. Lars Ulrich even said that Reed’s poetry is “not for everyone,”. I do not recommend this album to anyone. If you like this combination of music, you have to be a one of a kind music fan.


“If I waggle my ass like a dark prostitute, would you think less of me and my coagulating heart? Waggle my ass like dark prostitute coagulating heart-pumping blood, come on James!– Pumping Blood, Lulu

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