To do list (2018-2019)

list created by: Lee Sonogan


“Checking items off a to-do list doesn’t determine progress; focusing on your priorities is what counts.”
― Frank Sonnenberg, BookSmart: Hundreds of real-world lessons for success and happiness

I have a lot of things I need to do. For my writing and personal life. 2018 I need to take everything to the next level. This list will start the plans I intend to accomplish in the year of 2018.

My writing

  • Create 500 written posts on this website and more
  • The website needs an upgraded plan in March (Considering getting a business plan)
  • Come up with new original content and interesting ideas
  • Finish and write more written interviews
  • Create more polls and questions
  • Get my drafts to 10 or under while still coming up with new drafts
  • Find a place to print Power From Within: Vol 1 hardcopys and sell them myself
  • Complete Power From Within: Vol 2 first draft (Novella)
  • Complete Vengeance of a Brutal cry editing and proofreading (Novel)
  • Complete 1 vs 1 editing and proofreading (Movie script)
  • Find a movie production company to sell 1 vs 1 movie script to
  • Work on various ideas and projects that i have not shown too people
  • Gather enough submissions to finish the writing contest on my website
  • Make more promotional videos for website and/or extra
  • Collaborate more in the blogging and writing communitys
  • Expand the network of people who read and contribute to the website
  • More contests and competitions?
  • More creative poems
  • More fictional short storys
  • Send more pitches of idea out to online and other publications
  • More references to information in my written content
  • More free promoting and advertising
  • Find something interesting to live stream on Facebook
  • More categories on website to find older posts in a different ways
  • More posting on and
  • Maybe make new groups and pages on social media in different topics and themes
  • (More in-depth ideas will come to me in January next year)

My personal life

  • Join a writing group
  • Find long-term work and do it while still writing
  • Buy more books and graphic novels
  • Read more classic fiction books
  • Read more non-fiction books
  • See more live music
  • Go see a comedy show
  • Go see a live performance
  • Get my telescope working
  • Try some relevent short courses
  • Experience new things that I have not done before
  • Throw out a lot of old clothes and get new ones
  • Use my metal detector and find gold or something else interesting
  • Set up my punching bag
  • Practise music on my keyboard
  • Stock up a stash of straight bourbon
  • Spend time with my pet rat
  • Go to that video game bar near the city
  • Talk to someone I have not talked to in a long time
  • Go back to doing yoga
  • Do more experiments
  • Buy Red Eye energy drink in bulk
  • Get more video games on my Nintendo Switch
  • Fix my PS4 while keeping all my saved data
  • Keep writing in my journal
  • (More in-depth ideas will come to me in January next year)

Happy New year’s eve everyone! For me it is 6 and a bit hours until midnight. Meaning the year of 2018. Hope you all are ready for 2018!

“Rename your “To-Do” list to your “Opportunities” list. Each day is a treasure chest filled with limitless opportunities; take joy in checking many off your list.”
― Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience

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