Ungroovygord’s first writing contest

A writing contest created by: Lee Sonogan


Hello everyone! I have decided to create my first ever writing contest on my blog. The winners of this particular contest will get a free digital copy of my book and their writing submissions and content shared on my website. This is a chance to get your name out there and win some prizes.

All submissions will be looked at. The winners of the contest will be judged upon for creativity and talent. Comparing all submissions against each other I will have a top 3 of winners. Your submissions can be fiction, non-fiction or anything in between. Making your submission original content and something I have not seen before will improve your chances of winning.

The rules of my writing contest

  • 200-400 word limit
  • Any style or genre of writing
  • Any creative idea that does not directly harm anyone
  • Must be willing to share your creative content on my website

I will be taking in all the submissions I can until further notice. There will be a time where I will announce no more submissions for the contest. Then I will announce winners shortly after that. Please email lsonogan012@gmail.com or contact me through my website for submissions of your written content.

Prizes of my writing content

  • Power From Within: Vol 1 – Birth Of A Utopia – Digital PDF format – Ebook
  • Share your content written for the written contest
  • (Will create a guest post for winners of the contest if they are writers that need content written from external sources that I can write.)

(If you win these prizes, I will get in contact with you to send your PDF Ebook and discuss your written content and what I may be able to provide in a guest post.)

Here is some links to my new book for sale:

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