Se7en, a movie review

A movie review written by: Lee Sonogan

(1995) 2h7min/Crime, drama, mystery


David MillsLadies and gentlemen, we have ourselves a homicide.

Se7en is a movie about two detectives, a rookie and a veteran, who hunt a serial killer who uses the seven deadly sins as his motives. This movie was made with a budget of $22 million and made $327.3 million at the box office. Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt both star in this movie. It is one of the best movies to come out from the nineties.

According to the director, David Fincher, Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman were perfect during the first read-through of the script. Denzel Washington turned down the part that went to Brad Pitt, telling Entertainment Weekly that the film was too “dark and evil.” Washington later regretted his decision upon seeing a screening. Brad Pitt earned seven million dollars for this film.

The film’s brooding, dark look was achieved through a chemical process called bleach bypass, wherein the silver in the film stock was not removed, which in turn deepened the dark, shadowy images in the film, and increased its overall tonal quality. David Fincher thought that Morgan Freeman would turn down the role, thinking he’d feel the film was “too down market.” But he was the first one to eagerly join the cast.

This was voted the eighth scariest film of all time by Entertainment Weekly. The word ‘fuck’ and its derivatives are said a discernible 74 times throughout the movie, mostly by Brad Pitt. Andrew Kevin Walker wrote the script over a two-year period while working at a branch of Tower Records.

Each deadly sin is brutal and shot in an interesting way. The opening of the movie shows a murder that involved gluttony. It just gets worse from there. In the ending, the killer turns himself in but then leads the two detectives to a desert location. The ending is very much worth remembering. This movie also has many dialogues and speeches that go along perfect with the themes and topics of the movie. I recommend this movie to people who are fans of Brad Pitt’s and Morgan Freeman’s acting.

William Somerset: I just don’t think I can continue to live in a place that embraces and nurtures apathy as if it was virtue.
David Mills: You’re no different. You’re no better.
William Somerset: I didn’t say I was different or better. I’m not. Hell, I sympathize; I sympathize completely. Apathy is the solution. I mean, it’s easier to lose yourself in drugs than it is to cope with life. It’s easier to steal what you want than it is to earn it. It’s easier to beat a child than it is to raise it. Hell, love costs: it takes effort and work.

PS – The storytelling and performances in the movie are for an adult audience


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