Next idea, insert here

A poem written by: Lee Sonogan


Many ideas of thought

Meaning and value behind every concept

Developed in space like a understanding astronaut

Some may be lacking in some context

While some hit you with grapeshot

Use it in your drafts and get it processed.


Words and ideas with purpose

Subjective towards influence

Content that could reach the surface

Designed with confidence

Created within a furnace

This pit of creativity is bottomless.


Since its conception

Its form creates patterns

It moves in directions

Edits and changes give it standards

It will be chosen in people’s selections

Soon it will get answers.


Publically share your projects

Self publish your intentions and reasons

Give them multiple subjects

Show them what you got in all the seasons

Monitor your content to see how it projects

You will see insights of all regions.


Results will show themself

With your quality and authenticness

A bank of information on the shelf

The service of process

Advertising and promoting it is to assert oneself

One idea a day creates progress.


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