Ten reasons why you should follow Ungroovygords

A list written by: Lee Sonogan


Ungroovygords wants you to follow the blog/website. Some blogs are interesting, Ungroovygords has variety. That is the key to my blog. In this list I intend to tell you why my variety of content is worthy to follow. Follow me on the blog or any of my social media. Look at my new to old written stuff/posts. There is something for everyone on my blog/website.

“A website that gives insight into how groovy or ungroovy, Mr Gords is on a particular day. 7.87/10.” – Alex Boasman

“8/10.” – Max DC

  1. I have over 400 posts on the blog! Variety, like I said before is the key on my blog. I write about many topics and themes. This includes different categories of content. I am open to making new categories of new writing content in the future. I try to write mostly everyday. Committing to everyday on the website would be too much pressure and I like writing on my blog when I have the time. If I miss days of posting content, I will be working on drafts, other projects or I just do not have the time in the day to post something for the day.
  2. Ungroovygord’s lists! My lists include 100 lists and different other ones. They are all on topics that I have been interest in or interesting topics/themes to other people. I have a category archive of many of them. My lists are long and full of facts and ideas. They can be used for writing resources are just pure entertainment. Everybody likes a list. You should like most of my lists.
  3. My Reviews! I review movies, tv shows, video games, food and drink and so much more. All my reviews have ratings at the end. Reviews are structured into paragraphs full of facts and information that does not give out spoilers. The information is then written in a ay that flows well. Food, drink, music and more goes into more detail on each review. I take my reviews and ratings seriously.
  4. Ungroovygord’s Articles! Articles are more professional and simulate essay formating and structure. I hope to write many more articles on my blog in the near future on all sorts of topics ad themes. Meaning and context can be expressed more through written articles. I can write articles and topics in more depth and create more value in content with interesting articles. Also, articles are more likely to be searched in a search engine on the internet
  5. The videos at the end of most posts I publish! It adds to everything I publish on my blog. It adds more relevance and context to what I have to say. Joining the visual media to writing is a part of my structure and style on this blog. I am also able to upload my own YouTube videos to relevent published content. YouTube videos are important to add at the end of my written content.
  6. Quotes I add before the opening and ending paragraphs! Quotes that I put in are relevent and inspirational. From some smart people who had interesting ideas and thoughts worth remembering. Quotes inspire some information I write in my posts. As a writer, I am a big fan of using interesting quotes. One day I hope to have people to like what I have said and use my quotes in relevent ways. That would be a cool surprise.
  7. Ungroovygord’s Poems! Creative poems in different themes. Poems are very similar to music lyrics. That is how I got interested in poems. My style is very rhyme like and I find it hard to write in other styles. But I think I capture enough meaning to get you interested. I want to get back to creating original poems/music lyrics. Check out my poems and tell me in a comment what you think.
  8. Ungroovygord’s Fiction! Short storys in different genres. I like short storys, but there very hard to do. If I could think of more concepts that can be structured and formatted well, I would do more. Some of my short storys are worth checking out. All have twists are the end that will appeal to people fans of thriller and mystery writing. Speaking of fiction, I have made a new fiction Novella. Find links to the book at the bottom of the page.
  9. The research put into the posts! Facts and figures. Opinions and interesting information relevent to each different post. Personal thoughts and ideas are important in the written content. Each post is structured and formatted in a non-fiction way. The flow of the content is written in a way that I would write it for each written content. My grammar and vocabulary is reviewed by WordPress’s proof checker.
  10. So much more that could be done on Ungroovygords! Some of the posts categories can be expanded on and new content ideas are always coming to me. The future of Ungroovygords could also include guest posts. As I create more content, I will be also working on my other projects too. I am not concerned with perfection, I am concerned in creating quality and interesting content while learning new things for myself.

Just have a look at my blog and see for your self. Use the search bar and find everything I have hidden on my blog. Or follow my blog/website and see what I post new in days in the future. Last fact about the blog is that I do it all entirely by myself. I intend to keep writing… The quotes in this list are by a few people who read this blog.

“A place with real opinions, new ideas, reviews, top 100’s and it’s constantly updated. Always something new to read.” – Jackson Lia

Crisp with refreshing taste.– Shane Archer


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