Iced coffee, a beverage review

A beverage review written by: Lee Sonogan

(17th century) Beverage/Caffeine, milk


Iced coffee is cold coffee with ice. The iced latte and iced mocha are examples. There are various brewing methods such as brewing the coffee cold, yielding different flavor, but not requiring cooling. Brewing hot and then cooling, generally by simply pouring over ice or into ice-cold milk. Frozen coffee beverages, similar to slush, are documented in the 19th century, often called “café frappé”. Similar is the Italian granita al caffè.

Mazagran, a cold, sweetened coffee beverage that originated in Algeria circa 1840, has been described as ‘the original iced coffee’. It was prepared with coffee syrup and cold water. Iced coffee roots even stems back to the 17th century in Vienna. After the Turkish army unsuccessfully besieged the city of Vienna, they left behind a substantial surplus of coffee beans. Perhaps having luck against the Turks led the Viennese into experimenting with different variations of the increasingly popular brew.

Iced coffee was popularized by a marketing campaign of the Joint Coffee Trade Publicity Committee of the United States in 1920. Much later, it was marketed by Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks. Later in the 19th century they would appear on most menus and recipes. Now, pre-packaged iced coffee is available as a grocery item in several countries. Regardless of brewing method, iced coffee is generally brewed at a higher strength than normal coffee, due to the dilution caused by the ice.

A simple recipe for Iced Coffee:

  • 1 large glass of crushed ice
  • 1/4- cup 2% milk or dairy creamer
  • 2 teaspoons of Nesquick
  • 1 1/2-cup Freshly Brewed Godiva Chocolate Truffle Coffee

Ice Break and Dare are arguably the most popular iced coffee brands in Australia today at grocery stores. Those brands are my two favourite brands of iced coffee. On a cold day, I like hot coffee and on a hot day I like an iced coffee. Flavored milk does not do it for me anymore. If there is a strawberry flavored iced coffee somewhere to buy, I wish to try it. Even if it’s in a milk shake or an ice cream bar. I recommend this beverage to everyone who drink coffee that does not mind it cold. And people who like the taste of caffeine.

“One day, there will be no regular iced coffee.” – Hector Mai


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