List of ‘Issues and answers’ articles

This list contains a series I wrote called Issues and answers. The series is about world issues and potential ways to improve the world and our kind as a whole. I also go into themes such as: Change, quotes, theories, facts, information, life and all things relating to each part of the series. Getting political, some of these ideas are subjective and a personal opinion. The last part written for this series was written on June 24, 2017.

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Part 1: Beginnings

Part 2: Potential

Part 3: Growth

Part 4: Values/ideas

Part 5: Resources

Part 6: Alternative energy

Issues and answers: Alternative energy

Part 7: The environment

Part 8: Technology and automation

Part 9: Money

Part 10: Capitalism and other systems

Part 11: Power

Part 12: Unity

Part 13: Order and peace

Part 14: Creativity

Part 15: My Plan for the world

Issues and answers: My plan for the world


These ideals/values are mostly what I belive in and what I have come to learn about the world. Read it all for yourself and leave a comment. I felt I had to get these types of thoughts and information out there. In a age of mis-information, you need to rely on external and alternative sources more for truth. Hopefully my information in all these articles will be as good as any external news/information site/content. Knowledge is power, so use it to your positive advantage.


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