It’s my birthday today!!

Written by: Lee Sonogan


Hello everyone! On my birthday I just want to write a little something relevent towards my blog. I am nearly up to 400 posts on my blog. That is more than I even thought I would get. Anyway, got two bigger projects going on that I am constantly trying to finish. More on that when I finally finish one of them. This is my second births day while writing on this blog.

I would like to request to everyone who goes to the Ungroovygords website that they contact me if interested in doing some guest posting. Do you have articles or reviews lying around that you do not mind posting to the public? Why not send it to me and i will edit it into a guest post written by you. It’s as simple as that.

Lets collaborate on my website and i will do everything to help you out in promoting and sharing your content. I could even do some guest posts in different places for you. Lets create a network of links between the readers and the writers. Also I have a page on my website dedicated in sharing absolutely anything. Check that out on my site under ‘Share links’.

Thank you to everyone who visits this page. It’s enough to keep going. I still have many drafts of potential content in the future to do. Saying that, there’s always many things for me to do. Such as I did three days casual work earlier this week. Hopefully more content soon and newer stuff soon from Ungroovygords.



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