Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace, a tv show review

A tv show review written by: Lee Sonogan

(2004) Sitcom/Comedy, horror


[Opening lines:]

Garth Marenghi: I’m Garth Marenghi. Author. Dreamweaver. Visionary. Plus actor. You’re about to enter the world of my imagination. You are entering my Darkplace.

This parody series is an unearthed 80s horror/drama, complete with poor production values, awful dialogue and hilarious violence. The series is set in a Hospital in Romford, which is situated over the gates of Hell. Brutal, witty and complex. This parody series is one of the best humour tv shows of all time.

The series was shown in 2004 on the UK’s Channel 4 network, but a second series was never commissioned due to low ratings. However, over the next few years, the series gained a considerable cult following via word-of-mouth and the Internet. Renewed interest in the show led to it being released on DVD and subsequent airings in the US on the Sci-Fi and Adult Swim networks. Currently, fans are petitioning for a second season of the show.

Richard Ayoade, Matt Berry and Noel Fielding have significant roles in the show ‘The IT Crowd’ and all 3 stars in this, with Noel having a small cameo in episode 4. The creator of The IT Crowd Graham Linehan also has a small role in episode 3 as a security guard. Alice Lowe who plays Liz Asher has a small role in the episode 50/50 on The IT Crowd.

Every actor in this series, even the extras, also appear in The Mighty Boosh, except for Matthew Holness (Garth Marenghi). Matthew, however, was the original actor for Dixon Bainbridge in The Mighty Boosh live shows before it was adapted to TV.

IMDB rates this show 8.5/10. That’s a very high rating for a tv show. Just off that you can tell a lot of people like it a lot. It’s witty and one of the tv shows I will go back to and re-watch. The ending.. there is no ending episode with the story. I recommend this tv show to everyone who likes out their comedy and also like the actors from a show like the I.T crowd or English styles of comedy.

PS – Watch the first episode below

Thornton: I need to crack this, Dag, cos if not, Won Ton will be all over me like knockers in a wind tunnel.


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