100 Best Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards

A list written by: Lee Sonogan


Been playing Yu-gi-oh since the first episode of the anime on the Cheese TV. Over the years the game has expanded and there are hundred and thousands of new cards in the game. Some of these cards are used in most of my decks that I play and the others are favourites or interesting cards in general. This list is in no particular order.

  1. Blue-eyes White dragon (Monster card)
  2. Blue-eyes Toon dragon (Monster card)
  3. Blue-eyes Ultimate dragon (Fusion monster card)
  4. Blue eyes Shining dragon (Monster card)
  5. Buster blader (Monster card)
  6. Dark magician (Monster card)
  7. Dark magician of chaos (Monster card)
  8. Cyber Jar (Monster card) – Banned
  9. Swords of revealing light (Spell card)
  10. Raigekai (Spell card)
  11. Polymerization (Spell card)
  12. Red- eyes black dragon (Monster card)
  13. Thousand eyes restrict (Fusion monster)
  14. Relinquish (Ritual monster)
  15. Jinzo (Monster card)
  16. Neo spacian grand mole (Monster card)
  17. Galaxy soildier (Monster card)
  18. Cyber dragon (Monster card)
  19. Cyber dragon infinity (XYZ monster)
  20. Number s39 Utopia the lightening (XYZ monster)
  21. Maxx “C” (Monster card)
  22. Call of the haunted (Trap card)
  23. Jar of Avarice (Trap card)
  24. ABC – Dragon Buster (Fusion monster)
  25. Harpies feather duster (Spell card) – Banned
  26. Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the beginning (Monster card)
  27. Red-eyes darkness metal dragon (Monster card)
  28. Exodia the forbidden one (Monster card)
  29. Soul charge (Spell card)
  30. Skill Drain (Trap card)
  31. Lava golem (Monster card)
  32. Thunder King Rai-oh (Monster card)
  33. Honest (Monster card)
  34. Dark hole (Spell card)
  35. Stardust dragon (Synchro monster)
  36. Necroface (Monster card)
  37. Great Shougun Shien (Monster card)
  38. Number C101: Silent Honor DARK (XYZ monster)
  39. Odd-eyes pendulum dragon (Pendulum monster)
  40. Dark diviner (Synchro monster)
  41. Needle worm (Monster card)
  42. Junk synchron (Monster card)
  43. Dark bribe (Trap card)
  44. Wave-motion cannon (Spell card)
  45. Royal Decree (Trap card)
  46. Messenger of peace (Spell card)
  47. Black rose dragon (Synchro monster)
  48. Goyo warrior (Synchro monster)
  49. Marshmallon (Monster card)
  50. One day of peace (Spell card)
  51. Twin twister (Spell card)
  52. Instant fusion (Spell card)
  53. Fire hand (Monster card)
  54. Ice hand (Monster card)
  55. Galaxy cyclone (Spell card)
  56. Aroma jar (Monster card)
  57. Greydle cobra (Monster card)
  58. Dark sanctuary (Field spell card)
  59. Frozen Fitzgerald (Synchro monster)
  60. Number 61 (XYZ monster)
  61. Rank up magic barbarian force (Spell card)
  62. Upstart goblin (Spell card)
  63. Ancient leaf (Spell card)
  64. Five-heaqded dragon (Fusion monster)
  65. Trishula dragon of the ice barrier (Synchro monster)
  66. Lighting Chirdori (XYZ monster)
  67. Ice beast Zerofyne (XYZ monster)
  68. Judgement Dragon (Monster card)
  69. Card of Demise (Spell card)
  70. Just Desserts (Trap card)
  71. Pot of duality (Spell card)
  72. Bottomless Trap hole (Trap card)
  73. Magic Cylinder (Trap card)
  74. Scrap-iron Scarecrow (Trap card)
  75. Anti-spell Fragrance (Continuous trap card)
  76. Neo galaxy-eyes Photon Dragon (Monster card)
  77. Red Nova Dragon (Synchro monster)
  78. Uria, Lord of searing Flames (Monster card)
  79. Dark rebellion XYZ dragon (XYZ monster)
  80. Elemental hero Neos (Normal monster card)
  81. Solemn warning (Trap card)
  82. Swift Scarecrow (Monster card)
  83. Pot of Desires (Spell card)
  84. Chimeratech Overdragon (Fusion monster card)
  85. Star eater (Synchro monster)
  86. Yubel the Ultimate Nightmare (Monster card)
  87. Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit (Monster card)
  88. Lord of D. (Monster card)
  89. Dark paladin (Fusion monster card)
  90. Earthbound immortal Uru (Monster card)
  91. Book of eclipse (Spell card)
  92. Safe zone (Trap card)
  93. Storming Mirror force (Trap card)
  94. Shooting quasar dragon (Synchro monster)
  95. Five headed dragon (Fusion monster)
  96. Leo the keeper of the sacred tree (Synchro monster)
  97. The Winged Dragon of Ra – Sphere mode (Divine beast)
  98. The Winged Dragon of Ra (Divine beast)
  99. Obelisk the tormentor (Divine beast)
  100. Slifer the sky dragon (Divine beast)

Recognize any of these names of cards? I would recommend googling them to see what they can do in the game. Type in its name, and (Yu-gi-oh wiki tips) to find other cards that combo with it.

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