50 Best firearms

A list written by: Lee Sonogan


“If frogs had side pockets, they’d carry hand guns.”
Dan Rather

This is a list of some of the best firearms out there. I have knowledge of them from the many video games I have played. The more games you play the more names of guns you remember. How many of these guns do you remember?

  1. Bushmaster arm pistol (Pistol)
  2. RPG (Rocket propelled grenade)
  3. RG – 6 Grenade launcher (Grenade launcher)
  4. China Lake grenade launcher (Grenade launcher)
  5. Barret M90 (Sniper riffle)
  6. Dragunov SVU (Sniper riffle)
  7. FAMAS (Assault riffle)
  8. FN P90 (Assault riffle)
  9. Steyr AUG (Assault riffle)
  10. AK47 (Assault riffle)
  11. FN CAL (Assault riffle)
  12. Stoner 63  (Light machine gun)
  13. StG 45 (Light machine gun)
  14. XM8 riffle (Assault riffle)
  15. M14 (Assault riffle)
  16. SKS (Sniper riffle)
  17. AWM (Sniper riffle)
  18. Type 89 (Assault riffle)
  19. Gattling gun (Heavy machine gun)
  20. Desert Eagle (Pistols
  21. Glock 19 (Pistol)
  22. MAG – 95 (Pistol)
  23. Colt Cobra (Revolver)
  24. Sturmgewehr 45 (Assault riffle)
  25. MP5 (Machine gun)
  26. Mac -11 (Machine gun)
  27. Thompson Submachine Gun (Machine gun)
  28. Ruger Super blackhawk (Pistol)
  29. M1891/59 Carbine (Riffle)
  30. Kel – Tec KSG (Shotgun)
  31. Remington Model 11 (Shotgun)
  32. Vepr-12 (Shotgun)
  33. OSV-96 (Sniper riffle)
  34. Bren light machine gun (Light machine gun)
  35. Stoner 63/63A (Light machine gun)
  36. Minigun  (Over powered weapon)
  37. Winchester 1873 (Riffle)
  38. AR – 15 (Assault riffle)
  39. Springfield 1903 (Assault riffle)
  40. Browning Citori (Shotgun)
  41. Beneli Black Eagle (shotgun)
  42. MG-42 (Machine gun)
  43. Walther P-38 (Pistol)
  44. Model 1911 (Pistol)
  45. Teddy Rooselvelt’s H&H double rifle (Riffle)
  46. Smith & Wesson Model 10 (Revolver)
  47. Spencer Repeating riffle (Riffle)
  48. Brown Bess (Musket)
  49. HK416 (Assault riffle)
  50. XM307 ACSW (Heavy machine gun)

50 guns, x2 the words. What did you think of my list? Or I’ll shoot ya! Plus Russia has a lot of neat guns after researching all these firearms.

“The type of weapon you prefer and in which you have most faith,is the best for you.”
John “Pondoro” Taylor, African Rifles and Cartridges

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