Yu-Gi-Oh! New rules and Cards

A article written by: Lee Sonogan


“Your move!”
― Kazuki Takahashi

I have not made any new Yu-gi-oh decks and combos for my blog for one reason. Yu-gi-oh came out with a new show and a whole new concept for the game. In this article I will explain the new cards called Link monsters and the change of field zones in the game. Link monster cards have a blue card frame similar to ritual type monsters. One of the new features to thew field on the game is the new Extra Monster Zones.

New and overpowered, Link monsters make Pendulum monsters look bad in comparison. A link summon is a special summoning of a link monster from the extra deck. When summoned it can go in the Extra Monster Zone or a Main Monster Zone. The special summon includes sending link materials of your face up monsters on the field to the graveyard equal to the link monsters link rating. Some tributes may need to be certain types or attributes.

A link monster can not exist in the hand or the main deck. Why do you want a link monster on the field? While if not Link summoned first, it can not be special summoned from the graveyard or banish zone. Link arrows on the link monsters point to three zones on the field. Depending on the monster, you get many effects if there’s monsters in those three zones. One more fact about Link monsters is that they have no defensive points at all.

The new rules and cards make the game way more complex and but interesting. When the game is OP enough already, link monsters make older cards and combos useful again. It makes me want to get them in real life, add them to my Stellarknight deck and go back to some tournaments. I hope this article makes sense to you and you have a better understanding of it. If not, watch the video below. What do you think of all these changes? Leave your comments below.

PS – More decks and combos when I get around to it!

“The rules are simple: the first one to lose dies.”
― Kazuki Takahashi, Yu-Gi-Oh!: Duelist, Vol. 23: Ra the Immortal

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