Chicken Parma, a food review

A food review by: Lee Sonogan

(15th century?) Main course/Chicken


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Chicken parmigiana, or chicken parmesan is a popular Italian-American dish. It consists of a breaded chicken breast topped with tomato sauce and mozzarella, parmesan or provolone cheese. A slice of ham or bacon is sometimes added, but not all chefs are in agreement with the addition of pork. Have you had a Chicken parma before?

The dish is regularly served as a main meal throughout Australia, where it is considered a staple of pub food. Chicken parma’s is typically served in Australia with a side of chips and salad, although there is some dispute as to whether the chips should be served under or next to the chicken. Its popularity has led to a specialized chicken parmigiana restaurant opening in Melbourne, and chicken parmigiana is the subject of reviews on dedicated websites which compare the dish as purchased from various pubs within a region.

Chicken Parmigiana is not an Italian dish. It is an international variation made from a old traditional recipe in southern Italy in Sicily. “Parmegiana” meant twice-cooked aubergine or eggplants. The Sicilians would dip slices of eggplant in a thin layer of beaten egg, bread and fry them, top them with slices of parmesan cheese and home-made tomato sauce before finally baking them in the oven.

The origin of the Mellenzana all Parmigiana is also debatable. According to some, it originated in the northern Italian city of Parma. Hence the name, which means “In the style of Parma.” Others say the dish came out of southern Italy where eggplant is grown widely. Most early Italian immigrants also came from southern Italy, so it would make sense that they brought the recipe over with them. Today, Chicken Parmigiana often has its name simplified to Chicken Parmesan – referring to the delicate cheese made in and around the province of Parma.

Chicken parmigiana is included as the base of a number of different meals, including sandwiches and pies, and the meal is used as the subject of eating contests at some restaurants. Overall, the chicken meal is a must have to eat. There is so many variations of it. and there all cooked in many different ways. I sometimes like a tiny bit of vinegar on it. I recommend this food to everyone!


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