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I have played this video game for hours now. I might as well share my knowledge and skills of the game. The more you play, the more matches you have to play. It’s the only way to get close to that end chicken dinner! These tips will help beginners to more advance players.

The loading screen is a fun way to start a game on PUBG. As the max limit of 100 people join the server, everyone is out in the open together with everyone else. This loading screen allows a player not to die and some weapons on the tiny island. Its impressive and fun to load in. Most times theres people yelling out random things, adding to the fun of the game. “China number one,” is a speaking meme in PUBG,

Leaving the plane and gliding down to the ground, you need a place to land. The place travels across the island in different paths. So, planning where to go is important. Push M for map and right-click where you wanna land. This creates a marker. Your coloured marker appears on the map and above you along your rotation coordinates. Tap forward and push shift to move and fall faster to the ground.

Looting is everywhere in PUBG. Once you reach the ground and enter a building, there is many stuff lying around. Depending where you have landed, you need a weapon to defend your self. You also need ammo to use any gun in the game. So getting a bag will help you carry everything you need. LV 1, 2, and 3 character equipment also helps you carry more stuff.

Basics of weapons are melee weapons, pistols and shotguns. The only melee weapon to have is a pan. For defensive purposes. Then all shotguns use 12 gauges as ammo to shoot. Shotguns also have two attachments you should get with it called the Choke and Bullet Loops. Pistols have all sorts of different ammo. They have attachments too but, there not worth carry once you have your main two primary weapons.

The circle is also your enemy. What is the circle? the circle is one of the best features of the game. PUBG is a giant map. The circle gets smaller and draws freindlys and foes together into open warfare. This feature makes the game much harder then some shooter video games. If your out of the circle, you’re gonna get hurt.

The best weapons are snipers and assault rifles. Some of these weapons are harder to find then the others. Combined with a scope these guns are amazing mid range and long-range.

Long range fights will include people using scopes on their guns. Scopes can be found in the open world. Red dots and holographic. Then there is X2 X4 X8 and X15 scopes. PUBG is an open world game and each of these scopes will help you take advantages in long ranges.Remeber if your being shot at while running, zig zag to avoid being shot.

looted Items and recovery items are important. Bandages, Energy drinks, Painkillers, First aid, Med kits and more are important at all times. Games are short without them. Sometimes you need to kill just to heal yourself. Keep that in mind when at the brink of your health.

Where should you hide and take cover? depends on the situation. Shots being fired around alarms you where your enemy’s are. You have a ranged weapon? High grounds on top of a building, behind a rock or a tree. In a house? Use a automotive weapon in close range. You might even put it in 1st person mode for more vision sight.

Ideal tips for the last minutes of the game and circle are do not shot until you have to. The circle gets so small that any shot or noise will show the enemy where you are. Get prone and find where the others are hiding. If your lucky, the last circles will land you in houses. Then you can go for the chicken dinner by shooting close range with cover in some room. In that situation, be careful of grenades.

Did you know all that all ready? Or did you actually learn a new tactic for the game? Tell me in the comments below if you play this brutal video game.


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