50 Best professional wrestlers

A list written by: Lee Sonogan


Wrestlers old and young. These people have made a name for them self in the professional wrestling business. The following list is not in any particular order

  1. Hulk Hogan (Hollywood, NWO)
  2. British Bulldog  (Davey Boy Smith)
  3. Jake the snake Roberts
  4. The Iron Sheik (Hossein Khosrow Ali Vaziri)
  5. William Regal (Darren Kenneth Mathews)
  6. Chris Benoit
  7. Vader (Big Van)
  8. AJ Styles (The Phenomenal one)
  9. Kane (The Red Monster)
  10. John Cena (John Felix Anthony Cena)
  11. Daniel Byran (Yes!)
  12. Bruno Sammartino
  13. Eddie Gerrero (Latino heat)
  14. Chris Jericho (Y2J)
  15. Seth Rollins (The kingslayer)
  16. Dusty Rhodes (The American Dream)
  17. Andre the Giant (Andre Rene Roussimoff)
  18. Jerry Lawler (The king)
  19. Sting (The Stinger)
  20. Kurt Angle (The omplyic hero)
  21. Bret Hart (The hitman)
  22. Matt Hardy (Broken Hardy)
  23. Booker T (King Booker)
  24. Rob Van Dan (420)
  25. Sabu (Terry Michael Brunk)
  26. Arn Anderson (The Enforcer)
  27. Goldberg (William Scott Goldberg)
  28. Edge (Adam Joseph Copeland)
  29. Kevin Owens (KO)
  30. Sami Sayn (Rami Sebai)
  31. Ric Flair (Dirtiest player in the game)
  32. Charlotte Flair (Ashley Elizabeth Fliehr)
  33. Rey Mysterio (Oscar Gutierrez)
  34. Zack Sabre Jr. (Lucas Eatwell)
  35. Triple H (Paul Levesque, The game, The king of kings)
  36. Randy Ortan (The viper, The legend killer)
  37. Dean Malenko (Man of 1001 holds)
  38. Roddy Pipper (Rowdy)
  39. Jushin Thunder Liger (Kejichi Yamada)
  40. Mick Foley (Cactus Jack, Mankind, Dude Love)
  41. Terry Funk
  42. CM Punk (Phillp Jack Brooks)
  43. Kazuchika Okada (The Rainmaker)
  44. Kenny Omega (The cleaner)
  45. Samoa Joe (Nuufolau Joel Seanoa)
  46. Brock lesnar (The beast)
  47. The Rock (Dwayne Johnson)
  48. Stone Cold Steven Austin (The rattle snake, 3:16)
  49. Shawn Micheals (Micheal Shawn Hickenbottom)
  50. Undertaker (Mark Calaway)

Still… I watch that wrestling. But only the highlights. Love it or hate it, if you see any of these wrestlers in action, you would understand why I have made such a list for my blog.

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