Pokken Tournament DX, a video game review

A video game review by: Lee Sonogan

(2017) Video game/Fighting


The Pokemon Fighting game the fans have been waiting for. Developed by Bandai Namco Studios, it is a single player and multiplayer video game. Originally it was released for Japanese arcades in 2015. In 2016 in appeared on the Wii U and now in 2017 on the Nintendo Switch. The DX version has expanded characters and modes since the Wii U version.

The gameplay of this game is epic. It can rival any other fighting game in its genre. So many combos, support Pokemon, Mega evolution and then ultimate moves. Each animation in ultimate moves is epic in its own right. Battle replays new to the game let you hone your skills by watching other people and allows you to share your own best battles.

Characters/fighters list (Playable Pokemon):

  1. Blaziken
  2. Lucario
  3. Mewtwo
  4. Pikachu
  5. Sceptile
  6. Gengar
  7. Darkrai
  8. Weavile
  9. Suicune
  10. Scizor
  11. Sceptile
  12. Pikachu Libre
  13. Machamp
  14. Gardevoir
  15. Garchomp
  16. Decidueye
  17. Empoleon
  18. Croagunk
  19. Charizard
  20. Chandelure
  21. Braixen
  22. Shadow Mewtwo

Modes in the game include Practice, Single battle, Local battle, Online battle, Ferrum League, Daily Challenges and My Town. In the DX version, there is team battles (3vs3). Also on the Switch you can play this game anytime and anywhere with the two joycon controllers. Pokkén Tournament was nominated for Best Fighting Game at The Game Awards 2016.

The single player mode is the worst part of the game with repetitive battles and random appearances of a Shadow Mewtwo. Other than that, Playing online and other modes is fun to play with many characters. Lucario, my favourite Pokemon is addicting to play! I have only had this game for 4 days and I already regard it very highly. I recommend this video game to every one who has enjoyed Pokemon in their lifetime.


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